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83 responses to “Sprint Rolls Out Android Gingerbread Fix for EVO 4G”

  1. Bill

    Netflix needs to put out back in the market. I still had netflix from before and it works.. it says there is an update, but due to netflix removing it from the market, we don’t get it. Call netflix

  2. Brian

    Just got it in So. California at 7:45 am. Netflix is working great. I downloaded Netflix last night, but now I don’t see it in market. My old Netflix app had stopped working before I updated to Gingerbread.

    I hope this update also fixes the rebooting issue.

  3. trea

    Just got it now

  4. Tony

    Downloading the system update as I type this. Let’s see if it fixes my speech to text issue that Gingerbread screwed up.

  5. Aaron

    just got the update but no netflix app on the market place…. anyone with clues as to why?

  6. The Truth

    I updated Netflix in the marke minutes before it was taken out. I got lucky…. Now I am enjoying box office smashes! However, I know a work around to download netflix from the market and I got my buddy up and running too! Good luck guys!

  7. jason

    just got my update in Charleston, SC

  8. Aaron

    care to share the work around?

  9. Lisa

    Newest Netflix apk. Is the current version you are running asking you to update but wont connect? Well here’s the update…

    I found this last night and it works.

  10. The Truth

    I have endorsed Lisa’s post! God speed….

  11. Brian

    Thanks Lisa good post and help.

  12. Bill

    Will it work on my tablet running cyanogenmod? It is viewsonic gtablet. I have a working netflix but it wants to update

  13. Haha

    Lisa! Your awsome! Thanks…

  14. Lisa

    Bill, I’m not sure if it works on gtab. I have the evo and after I downloaded the gb fix there was still no netflix in the market. I’m not a technical person but I was not going to bed til my netflix was working again. I downloaded 4 apks til I found the one that worked on my stock evo.

  15. james

    OMG thank you Lisa!!! It works great on my EVO!!!!

  16. Scott

    Got Netflix working again…..still not in the market.

  17. The Truth

    I am glad Lisa and I could help! If you need anything else please don’t hesitate to ask!

  18. Bill E

    Lisa, Thanks! I have an Evo and GTablet. It works for both. On the GTablet is still have /system/build.prop changed. I will try changing it back later.

  19. Bill E

    I wish netflix would just put it in the market – if it works (it will) it works, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. How many need to tell netflix it works, so the apk is back in the market?

  20. jimmy jam

    Lisa you rock! The Truth…you FOS

  21. jimmy jam

    sorry…”you’re” FOS

  22. cindy

    thanks lisa

  23. Mike

    I no longer have netflex after the update can’t find it on marketplace!!! Wat happen to 2.3.4 update

  24. Dave

    Netflix app back on the market (for Evo)!

  25. Brian

    I just updated my EVO with the new update, updated my existing Netflix app in the Market and everything works perfectly. Woot!!

  26. Bill E

    Crackle is another must have apk. I managed to find it on xda. Free movies/tv ad supported.

  27. Mike

    Thanks for the help when do get android 2.3.4

  28. proimaging

    I’ve gotten the update notification, but I’m not updating until everything is just peachy keen. My EVO works perfectly right now… Netflix and all !! what’s the rush?

  29. Bill

    Do you have gingerbread or froyo?

  30. Brooks

    Get on wifi and go to firmware update do it till it finally shows up thats what i did and i got it and its installed. Its there just gotta keep doing till it takes it. Only difference with this update, things stream alot better and its its alittle quicker thats all i noticed.

  31. heather

    June 27th and Netflix still doesn’t work. SUCKS! :o(

  32. Bill E

    Are you rooted? I am not and got the update the day after sprint said. Netflix is in the market

  33. Chuck Taylor

    Looking for root for the HTC EVO with 4.22 update