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5 responses to “Sprint Rolls Out HTC EVO Update”

  1. Eboni Showers

    When will this update be available

  2. JJ

    Will this unroot your phone? I used the latest unrevoked method. I wont update till i know for sure. A rooted phone is better than what this update is supposed to do.

  3. qhinton

    Rooting is messed up. People that create the root files have access to your information like passwords to banking.

  4. Christopher Price

    Qhinton, that’s not correct. That is the reason why tools like Superuser were created, so you have granular control over when and how applications request and use root access.

    If a third-party wanted to leverage root access to remotely access your device, you would be notified. To date there have not been any Android roots that include any type of malware to subvert this process. If they did, you’d see articles about it on just about every mobile news site… first and foremost,

  5. JJ

    Do you know what your talking about? Rooting your phone is like editing your registry on windows. The worst that can happen is you delete a file you weren’t supposed to. Plus root is accessed by you and no one else so even if there was some private info in there only you would be seeing it.