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8 responses to “Sprint Rolls Out New Combined 3G/4G Data Plans”

  1. Smokey Joe

    Once everyone starts streaming movies and live TV over their phones and realize how little 1GB of data really is, there will be another article about how shocked people are by their outrageously high overage bills.

  2. mike

    Its out of control how they capping data soon are cable company will start capping people..sprint is trying to get customer at this rate they will lose customers especially there 4g its limited 71cities..I rather go to Verizon there 4g covers more cities about 175 cities and not as spotty

  3. mike

    I have three lines with Sprint and all are 4g but no 4g in my city been promise since 2010 my contacts are due 2013 I’ll be heading to Verizon lte is availabe here our local Radio Shack are even disappointed with lack of 4g which was there selling point they where told to tell customers 4g was coming soon.If Sprint was smart they should keep expanding Wimax and over lay lte on top give customers more option. Sprint would then make Wimax plan cheaper to attract customers that are looking to leave Tmobile and cap lte for those who wants more for their money. I how Hess read this!!

  4. mike

    I hope Hess reads this article

  5. mike

    3.1 mpbs on 3g lmaof where do I go to see that speed on my phone

  6. Christopher Price

    Mike, Network Vision will enable Sprint to roll out WiMAX on their own towers, and dynamically roll it out alongside LTE.

    It’s not clear how much network expansion Sprint will utilize WiMAX for in Network Vision. It’s possible they could overlay the entire Sprint Nextel footprint with WiMAX. Every cell site will have the ability to broadcast a WiMAX signal, and you can rest assured, Sprint will be adding more WiMAX coverage as a result.

    Really, the question may boil down to how long it will take to execute LTE deployment. The longer LTE will take, the higher the likelihood that Sprint will roll out additional WiMAX coverage to be competitive in markets where Verizon and AT&T have deployed LTE.

  7. mike

    Christopher I do hope thats their plan most customers care less about 4g its about what is affordable and all that capping business can’t be to good for customers.its like giving a child a toy with set rules when u can use it and if it is use too much then its taken away..If I buy me a tablet I wouldn’t want restriction especially if if I just spend 500 on it I hope consumers notice what’s going on and maybe don’t invest in such devices let these companies keep them.For Sprint Wimax would be a win win
    situation a cheaper option for consumers keep it unlimited, expend the network this would keep adding new customers.Lte is great but if it is cap less consumers wants it no one wants a higher phone bill and new devices with restriction

  8. Steven Goldfein

    Agreed Mike. Right before I bought my view 4g, I had a tablet and plan from another carrier that had unlimited data. They had announced the end to unlimited data so I got the device and plan but fell in love with the view. Now, I wish I would have stayed with the other device and carrier. I feel like sprint suckered me in to buying a $400 tablet that I would NOT have purchased had I of known that they would change the material terms of the contract so soon. Nor would I have changed my other plan and upgraded my phone and agreed to a new two year contract to get the Epic 4g Touch. In this I feel I can no longer trust Sprint.