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7 responses to “Sprint Rolls Out New Samsung Instinct Firmware Update”

  1. Jeff

    The UI is still not as smooth as the iPhone. The browser is much much faster, but doesn’t support some desktop websites still–I couldn’t get on eBay’s regular site.

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  3. Jack

    Love the Instinct!

  4. Jerry

    Instinct owner since day one. The Instinct will never be an iphone competitor until it has downloadable apps that sprint doesn’t try to charge an arm and a leg for. My opinion for what it’s worth.

  5. ken

    The Instinct does not have an Apple App Store(no one else has one either), fine. But it does what it capable of very well:MMS, turn by turn GPS, voice dail/command, and video recording. I have sold alot of them. Have seen very few returned or exchanged with problems. And I have to admit, the software updates are making it better similar in the way Apple keep pushing updates to iTunes for the iPhone. It’s just good that the Instinct can update OTA for the people who have no computer or barely known how to use a computer.

  6. David

    When the is Sprint going to issue a firmware update for the V950?

  7. Chris

    How hard would it be to make the screen go off after 30 seconds into a phone call. The screen stays on full blast when you make a call, and only dims a bit, but it sucks battery life during the call. You have to recharge the phone after 12 hours of normal use.