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3 responses to “Sprint Rolls Out Update for BlackBerry Bold 9650”

  1. Don Louie

    I miss the forums, this site doesn’t post quarterly results, our thanking jet has moved on to bgr spreading the usual rant. I want an upgrage for my IHD

  2. Christopher Price

    Hi Don, we really are working on the forums. Until the roadblock is taken care of, we can’t go into what’s holding it up more than we have. We’ll explain what’s up in the coming weeks, we really hope we’re at the end of this long delay. We’re doing everything we can to move it along, including getting out and pushing (to the extent that getting out of a non-existent vehicle and pushing servers would actually help).

  3. Don Louie

    Why don’t you post quarterly results is really what that was about but am still checking in on what’s new here.