Sprint Samsung Moment Successor Intercept Surfaces Ahead of Launch

The first images of the successor to the Samsung Moment in the Samsung Intercept have surfaced ahead of its launch next week.

The device will improve upon the Moment with the bodyshell design taking cues from Samsung’s GSM smart device lineup and a capacitive touch display going from 320×480 on the Moment up to 800×480 resolution, improved hardware QWERTY keyboard, microSD expansion slot and Android 2.1.

The unit shown in the image was purchased from a Best Buy Mobile location for $99.99, with the pricing reflecting its position as a midrange Android device in Sprint’s lineup.  The device will be launched on July 11th across all sales channels.

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9 responses to “Sprint Samsung Moment Successor Intercept Surfaces Ahead of Launch”

  1. Dan

    any chance for sero?

  2. Don Louie

    I don’t any of the new smartphones coming out will be SERO compatible, EREP or a discounted Everything plan is the only option for new phones. Maybe they will come out with new WinMo but doubt it.

  3. JJ

    After several phones with android not working on sero what makes you think that this one would be allowed? The only new phones that are going to be allowed on sero from now on are windows phones and even that us not guaranteed. Of course if sprint doesn’t allow any new smartphones anymore on sero I think there will be lawsuits coming their way, or more customers leaving. I myself canceled my sero and got a family plan with corporate discount which costs me about $30 and change per line. If I lose my corporate discount I will probably switch to att and get the iphone.

  4. Don Louie

    I doubt there will be any litigation involved, Android, Web OS, now RIM and the Instinct line have these stipulations going on 2 years now.

  5. Christopher Price

    Sprint could cancel SERO tomorrow. They could call each customer up and tell them they have to port out to another carrier, or switch to a current plan.

    What keeps them from that is consumer outrage.

    Does it outrage many that you can’t use newer smartphones with SERO? No, not really, not after two years.

    Would it outrage customers if they couldn’t activate older phones on said plans anymore? I think so, because customers beyond SERO would worry what could happen to their plans someday (Simply Everything, etc).

    In reality, this is a response to the changing times of the wireless industry. Even I don’t think Sprint should offer a $10 4G addon for these older plans. These older plans were voice-centric, selling tons of voice minutes to customers Sprint wouldn’t retain otherwise. Now the industry is shifting to data centric, VoIP, etc. Minutes don’t matter anymore.

  6. JailBird

    The Moment already has as microSD slot…

    Are you dead sure about the resolution bump? I was under the impression that the Samsung Epic 4G was the one getting the Super AMOLED goodness.

    Personally I think releasing the Epic *AND* the Intrepid is kind of stupid. Really the Intrepid is what the Moment *SHOULD* have been.

  7. JJ

    I understand they could change the sero at anytime. They can cancel all sero plans today if they wanted. But the point is like someone said is that there would be a huge outrage.
    But you cannot tell me that now more phones are data centric and thats why sero won’t work. That has nothing to do with why they are not allowing these phones. I had the tp2 before the evo and I used just as much data as I use now. I understand the 4g part and charging extra for that but not the data part. I will never accept the fact that data is data no matter what plan you have. The point is they want more money and thats that. I don’t blame them for that but a lot of sero holders are loyal customers and I think they should give them some type of option.
    thats my 2 cents.

  8. Christopher Price

    With Windows Mobile, there was a difficulty in drawing a line in the sand. Android has bandwidth-consuming apps in every direction. But, the difference between Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 is much smaller…

    Keep in mind Sprint did eventually block the Touch Pro 2 partially from SERO. Newer units error out when activating on SERO.

  9. Creighton

    Ok So I have the Moment and would not get this phone for the mere fact that its pretty much the same actually not as good WHY??? did they not include a flash on the camera like the Moment has which works great and is a bright camera flash what a dumb move! Guess Sprint wants people to get a higher end phone too bad for those wanting a mid range phone. Camera Flash is a must for me the Moments works great! at night and it should be standard on these devices and the other minor tweaks are not much of an upgrade either.