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64 responses to “Sprint Sets Two Launch Dates for Palm Pre, Employee Training Underway”

  1. Juan

    i hope its may 17th please!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Justin

    Originally Posted by bals13
    The Pre is going to be released the same day as the Survivor two hour final (a sunday). The phone will be in a episode the Thursday episode prior to the Sunday two hour show and then will be promoted hard the next three days for the Sunday release. The final episode is sometime in May.

    the last thursday episode is may 14..and sunday episode is may 17th.

  3. Juan

    well lets hope so

  4. Guillermo

    Today’s WSJ had a full-page ad for the Palm Pre. The ad mostly covered the NOW Network and no mention of a release date. The phone covered about 2/3 of the page. Advertising in the Wall Street Journal is a big deal!

    I think we are getting close.

  5. acarback

    Oh, please please please!

  6. Jeff

    I hope this spurs Apple to keep up.

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  10. Richard

    I can’t wait to leave att for sprint…!

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  19. lgsf

    My local sprint store rep says they usually get notified of new releases 2 months in advance, and that they have received word the pre is scheduled to be released in June.

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  25. Stoopid

    Why is this article worthy? This is happen within the boundaries of 2Q 2009 … this is basically a “no sh*t” Sherlock. Of course its happening. Stop wasting the usefulness of the internet by writing useless crap. If the Palm Pre were to be delayed or cancelled, write about it. But this is not news. This is only traffic. Useless.

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  31. Christopher Price

    Stoopid, you may not want to camp out for a Pre. Others do. We’re telling them what dates to reserve, so that they can get their schedules ReadyNowâ„¢.

    Could it change? Sure. A factory could blow up, and the Pre could slip from those dates. It could slip past Q2. Anything could happen. But, we report the best information as it happens. And, as it happens, those are the two dates you need to know (right now) if you want to buy a Pre.

  32. Disgruntled

    I am SO sick and tired of exclusivity agreements. I have enough clout at work to get one of these –provided it was on Verizon’s network, where we have all of our contracts because no-one else has decent coverage in this area.

    I was really looking forward to the Pre’. Now I’ll need to find something else to replace my aging Palm Treo 755p.

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  46. JJ

    Why are some of you guys just repeating some of the news? We know the dates could be may 17th or June 29. WE ALL CAN READ. Unless you have some new info it doesn’t help to repost the same info. Just my opinion.

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  48. TD

    just so phonenews knows their news, Sprint blacked out vacation time for employees for the months of May AND June

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  50. DAN HESS-E

    guess what everybody…the palm pre is coming out on May 16th AND June 29th…. lol such great inside information this site has