Sprint To Shut Down all @sprintpcs.com Email Addresses

Rely on your @sprintpcs.com email address? Brace yourself.

Sprint has quietly announced that PCS Mail will be discontinued on December 31 of this year. Sprint did not state any reason for the shutdown. However, Sprint no longer uses the Sprint PCS moniker, and has disabled all other uses for the sprintpcs.com domain name.

Unlike other recent transitions, such as Apple’s MobileMe transition from @mac.com to @me.com, users will be locked out of their email accounts completely. Sprint explains that this is because Sprint will no longer be providing email services of any kind, and wants to re-direct focus on offering easy access to third-party email services.

On their PCS Mail Decommissioning page, Sprint provides how-to guides for starting the transition to other email providers.

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27 responses to “Sprint To Shut Down all @sprintpcs.com Email Addresses”

  1. Kevin

    Um… then how are you going to send email from sprint devices since they use the @sprintpcs.com email for SMTP authentication….

  2. Don Louie

    I was told about this by a tech rep when I was having trouble getting to my pcs mail 2 weeks ago

  3. Josh

    Epic Fail

  4. SaltyDawg

    Yet another nail in Sprint’s coffin…

    Cutting services while simultaneously raising prices is going to be the death of Sprint. Nobody ever went to Sprint for the customer service- it was the low prices and excellent data services. Now, with Verizon buying Alltel and AT&T upgrading their network, Sprint will soon be dead last in data offerings.

  5. scott

    att and verizon are about 300% more then sprint service cost.
    they are horrible

  6. SaltyDawg

    “att and verizon are about 300% more then sprint service cost.
    they are horrible”

    This simply isn’t true anymore. It was true in the past, but not anymore.

    I have been comparing prices for a while now, and Sprint is usually barely cheaper- or in some cases more than AT&T/Verizon.

    And with Sprint offering even less services now (MMS, anyone?) and charging the same or more as everyone else, it’s just not the value it used to be (with even worse customer service than before).

  7. james


  8. Anatoly

    What about email to sms at number@messaging.sprintpcs.com. Is that going away also?

  9. Carlos

    PCS Mail is an ancient, lumbering beast developed for the first generation of the mobile web. Sprint is offering a free upgrade to a superior product, Sprint Mobile Email (SME). If your phone won’t run SME, Sprint is offering an upgrade incentive. If you haven’t seen SME, you’ll be amazed. It integrates with Yahoo, MSN, gmail, AOL and virtually any other ISP e-mail. You can setup PCS Mail to forward to any of these providers AND forwarding will work until Thanksgiving 2009.

    Authenticated SMTP will NOT go away if you need to relay messages from your smart phone to the internet.

    Messaging.sprintpcs.com will NOT go away.

  10. justin

    What kind of upgrade incentive are we talking about?

  11. Dan

    I’m amazing at some of the jousting that happens on these. From reading about 20 or so different threads today, BTW I’ve never read threads here before, it seems as tho the same few comment here a lot. Reading some of the comments and then responses, made me laugh out loud. As an “outsider” from this website, I just found it pretty laughable.

  12. Tony

    Upgrade?, superior product?, ha. Carlos, If you don’t work for Sprint and are not getting paid to write this dribble you are really stupid. The new mobile mail client is cute, but a consumer mail client. It is clearly a patch for a company that is abandoning enterprise and business users. The application does not allow the user to use on-screen key-board or sprint preferences as in all other applications. It is forcing users to depend on Internet service platforms for dependable email. Gmail had a 6 hour outage last week, so do not sell us BS. Sprint is about to be toast, too bad the network is really great, but enough is enough.

  13. Eludium-Q36

    Gahd I’m really miffed about this!! I, like Anatoly above, use the email address of the form 7035551234@messaging.sprintpcs.com to send text messages from email accounts. I do this every single day of my office life and from home since it’s so much easier than finger pecking on a tiny cellpad. This calls for an email directly to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. Yeeaahhhh! (as Kramer would exclaim)

  14. Pierre

    I dont think its as bad as some of you are making it seem.

    They are getting rid of the email service … big deal…plenty of FREE email services all over that can be accessed via the Sprint Mail application. I don’t see why some of you have your undies all bunched up in a knot over this.

    Besides most people i know have Sprint dont use their PCS mail anyway. I stopped using it a few months a go when i got my first 755 treo with the new email client. All my subscriptions that used to to go my PCS mail now go through Gmail instead. Face it: The only reason you ever used PCS mail is because it was easily accessible by phone. Now that you have the new email clients that give you the same access you dont need it anymore.

    I’m still mad at them over the Referral plans change though but oh well.

  15. Pierre

    Dan on August 12th, 2008, 12:52 pm I’m amazing at some of the jousting that happens on these. From reading about 20 or so different threads today, BTW I’ve never read threads here before, it seems as tho the same few comment here a lot. Reading some of the comments and then responses, made me laugh out loud. As an “outsider” from this website, I just found it pretty laughable.

    I often come in here just to read and laugh at the responses to the articles. Anything that has to do with Sprint seems to provoke the most anger out of these guys. If you really want to laugh look for the article about the release of the treo 800W and the one about Sprint retiring the referral plans. Classic ish in there lol

  16. Christian (palm treo 800w)

    Since window users don’t have the mms (picturs via text) features; the only work around is to use pcsmail. This is the only exceptable format that is compatible with other carriers. Yes you can pics via email to other carriers however not all.

    This may or may not be another “nail in the coffin” for Sprint but the stocks haven’t been strong for awhile. We can only hope the joint venture with clearwire will turn them around.

    One thing I believe we all agree on here; is that Sprint is suffering as a business and they need a drastic change for the better otherwise a buy out will be likely. Trying to rely on “paying customers” and new phones is going to cut it!

    on a side note: Sprint, will you fix the GPS! Here is seattle it only works like its suppose to when driving 35mph anything over that and its off by three blocks!

  17. Monica

    How is this feature deletion going to be reflected in the all inclusive plan costs?

  18. Doofus

    as of 3/1/09 my sprint email is still working….inbound and outbound. Apparently all the ‘net whining has scared off sprint from shutting down their servers? I really am glad they didnt shut it down, I use it all the time. But there is no mention of it working past 12/31/08 anywhere on the web. Anyone else still have email service working on Sprint?

  19. Hopeful

    Still working for me, thank goodness.

  20. Atlas

    yes…still working here too

  21. Doofus

    Still working as of 1/11/09. Maybe sprint finally got the fucking message that USERS WANT REAL EMAIL not a web client that allows accessing web email. The fact it is working for so many and yet sprint hasnt said a word is indicative of just how screwed up Sprint has become..

    Makes me think of that scene in Apocalypse Now where the LT asks the soldier…”Who’s in charge here, soldier?” and the grunt replies…”Aint you?!”

    LOL working in the Sprint trenches must be just like that!

  22. Sammie Coleman

    Dear Ms. Kin Garvey;
    Executive Assistance

    I purchase a phone at the Sprint Store on Feb. 15, 2009. I was satified with the phone (Sanyo SCP-6750X P), and I could not get it to charge for the phone last night (4-18-2009). I took it into the store
    (0873 in Akron, OH 44313). I was told I could not get another phone for three days. I told her (Jessica # je307899) I needed my phone, because of my job. so she had the battery changed and told me that will have to do. Also, they do not have a loaner phone to give me. So I went home to get a older phone. when I returned she told me the computer were down and she could not transfer my phone or switch to another phones (since I only had the phone for less than three months) because they were down. There were other people in the store, and they got their phones changed. I do not appreicate Jessica lying to me. THIS IS NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. In the future I will be closing my account.
    Thank You for your poor service
    Sammie Coleman

  23. david

    Well it is now June 4th 2009 and I can still get and receive emails on my phone using my sprintpcs email account!! what happened? seems they did not close down the sprintpcs email accounts after all……

  24. athing

    i want 2 shut down my e.mail kindly help me

  25. One luv n lyfe

    Why don’t you all just grab your luggage and come with me to Cellular South? I’m with Cellular South, although we just upgraded from our trusty bag phones, Csouth has great prices that I’m seeing other companies attempt to compete with. I have the Truly Nationwide Unlimited Plan @ $79.99 + $9.99 (nationwide texting) I talk, text and use the web all day with no additional fees or any roaming. No I don’t work for Cellular South, I’ve just been a customer for 6 years (since the good old indestructible Nokia days).

  26. One Luv N Lyfe

    Update: Cspire (formerly Cellular South) became a horrible company, I’m now with Sprint, where unlimited truly means unlimited!