Sprint Statement on LG Optimus S Android Gingerbread Update

Sprint LG Optimus SSprint has responded to PhoneNews.com’s previous report this weekend regarding the LG Optimus S and its potential Android Gingerbread update slated for February according a statement from Sprint tech support.

“Sprint and LG work very closely to ensure that we deliver the best possible customer experience to our LG Optimus S customers. We approve the release of software updates when a new software version provided by the manufacturer can bring a better overall customer experience on the device. It is our intention to bring these updates to our customers as quickly as possible but only after they meet our rigorous testing criteria.”

Reading into the statement, the update is under development and will be released once complete, but not likely in February considering Sprint’s typical testing cycle.

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4 responses to “Sprint Statement on LG Optimus S Android Gingerbread Update”

  1. rayner

    sounds like the typical canned response. substitute Samsung for LG.

  2. Dominik

    We shall see if the device actually gets the update.

  3. Jorge

    Time to root my phone!

  4. Bart

    Got an update today, thought it was gonna be 2.3 but instead was minor fix. Hope we see GB sometime soon! I’m guessing more like April.