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24 responses to “Sprint Suddenly Ends MVNO Agreement With PrePaYd Wireless”

  1. Lancinet Kouyate

    I need to file again prepaYd wireless service company
    .and sprint company therefore it’s inconvenience to I.
    that in payed money for nothing.

  2. Anthony Curtis

    What happens to the monies that were recently paid for a monthly service and the time period has not ended? Are we just to lose our money because of the bad business practices with Spring and Prepayd?

    Ending the contract with one another is fine however, terninating everyone’s services and then keeping the money is unacceptable.

  3. KT

    what about my number?? Can I transfer it to another carrier? What abt my money for the rest of the month?? I just lose it?? Bad Business!!!!!!!

  4. willie kirkland

    I am a businessman and my day to day business depends on my phone and u mean to tel me that sprint terminated my service without any warning . Wht kind of business r thy running.

  5. Silbert johnson

    This is bull I want my money back prepayd should have let us know now im rumming around try to find s phone wow

  6. gene oxendine

    This is bull. I want all my money back for a incomplete service. I lose all my customers and just because they couldn’t give a notice? I will definitely be filing a sute. Sprint will be sure to lose all its business from other existing customers.

  7. Robert

    We should file A class action lawsuit as one signing petitions I like many of you use this as my Business phone
    I’ll will definatly be reporting to The Better Business Bureau for further investigation
    Contact me if interested in linking up

    1. lori

      if you ported your number what did you use for your account number?

  8. Terema

    how can I get my number back I had it for 8 years and one website is telling me to pay for it ? PLEASE HELP ME

  9. jayp

    Fuck you sprint this is the third fucking time fucking with my
    Daily life im gunna hunt u down u fucking fuck fuck bitch cock
    Sucker mother fucker slut whore pastrami eating surf board riding bitches
    Eat a fat dick all day smoke it too while your at it fuckers

  10. Kelsey

    It’s honestly not right , especially for the ones who just paid their bill for the month . So what do we do about our money we paid ? This is ridiculous !

  11. Megan

    Prepayd was shut down because it’s company wasn’t paying their share to run off soarint’s towers, plain and simple. That’s what they’re not telling people. Prepayd took your money and laundered it somewhere instead of paying their own debt for service.

  12. willie kirkland

    I filed a complaint with the FCC today u all should do the same thy assured me thy would get my number bk but it could take up to a month. Here is their number 888-225-5322.

  13. anon

    prepayd wireless didn’t pay the money to sprint claiming they are not getting better deals. sprint gave more than enough days of notice saying they are going to shut down the service.
    i don’t know how fair sprint treated prepayd when compared to other Mvno’s and it’s not upto us to decide, but what i know is prepayd CEO Bruce Berman being the scum bag he is made it sound like it is sprint who is to get blamed, saying like sprint shut them off out of the blue when in fact they even gave enough notice. Plus it’s prepayds fault for giving mixed messages to the dealers telling them to port out thier customers, again saying to refrain from
    porting out saying there is a possibility they could get merged with another mvno, and finally giving only few hours to port out saying they couldn’t come to a agreement with the other mvno (meaning most probably the attempt Bruce Berman tried to make money out of selling the existing customers to the other mvno failed). If you do a quick google search about this ceo bruce, it won’t take long to find out what kind of scam artist he is.
    the saddest part i got to know from one of his previous employee is that in all his ventures he gets investors to buy stocks showing them like this is the next big thing on earth with hyper growth, and finally forcing the company to go to a law suit or something like this so he can file bankruptcy and keep the money he raised for himself. Even in his book i heard there is a section about filing bankruptcy and evading the law etc. coincidence? Guess not.
    It’s very sad to know thousands of people lost their phone numbers forever who probably had them for years and years, and it’s worse when Bruce Berman is pointing fingers at sprint for this.
    I don’t like to talk shit about people but not telling the truth i know is worse than that. He doesn’t care about any customers or the people who worked for prepayd wireless, as long as he can make money out of a law suit or in any other way.
    How do i know all this? I was a CSR at prepayd wireless.

  14. Jason beeker

    I am going to the court on Monday to file a small claims on Sprint so it wouldn’t want to link up to me hit me up

    1. Jason beeker

      I want my money

  15. Jason beeker

    I had my number for 16 years and it was disconnected with nothing and no text at all fuck sprint

  16. Jason beeker

    I want my refund

  17. Jason Ytuarte

    you need to give me more time

  18. Jason Ytuarte

    562 556 1469 now I can’t Portis number f****** assholes

  19. Jason Ytuarte

    I move to MetroPCS now I can’t port this number

  20. V Shaw
  21. Jason Ytuarte

    Can I get my number back

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