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4 responses to “Sprint to Cap PAM/Mobile Hotspot on October 2nd, Tablets Unaffected”

  1. floor9

    I’m not sure how this will reduce confusion on the customer end. Won’t keeping track of hotspot usage separately from handset usage cause confusion for the average consumer?

  2. bottomline

    This is not a problem! Still far & away the best value in wireless!

  3. Christopher Price

    It will cause confusion, and some customers will be in for a major bill shock, especially if they are traveling, or use AutoPay and don’t read their bill every month.

    Sprint will undoubtedly counter that they provide various options for monitoring mobile hotspot usage, still, I think this is the wrong move for Sprint. They would be better off throttling mobile hotspot data to mitigate the onslaught of iPhone hotspot users.

  4. tethered

    What about all of us who tether via cable or wifi without PAM or Mobile Hotspot plans? Do we continue to fly under the radar or should we limit tethered usage to 5GB?