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6 responses to “Sprint to Launch New Android Devices This Year”

  1. Nanfy

    Please Please Sprint, No stupid crap please. Please don’t FORCE another plan change for flagship phones. Please stop pissing off your customers with lies and mediocre phones.

    Please Sprint for once impress us.

    Nexus S sounds good as long as GOOGLE is doing the updates, NOT samsung. I suspect Sprint will gimp it, stripping out the free hotspot. Which means it not a pure google phone.

    EVO 3D?? hmm I’m guessing it is some variant of the LG Optimus 3D P920.

    A tablet that requires a separate data plan. FAIL!

  2. Creighton

    Can we get some other devices besides Android! I know there coming. But still too much focus on Android. Mix it up a little. Windows WebOS BB

  3. F1

    @ Creighton

    This chart can help you see the cause of the focus:

    Thank You

  4. cessch

    sprint sucks. us hand phone providers suck they rip off their customers and charge way way too much for crappy service

  5. F1

    @ Nanfy

    After paying $35, this afternoon i will be picking up my 5th replacement Palm Pro 850 Refurb/Recon, my only alternative choices are the so called “None Smartphones”, thereby any other phone would force a plan change.

    Once SPRNT sells out of all it’s Refurb/Recon inventory of Palm Pro and HTC Snap (secondary choice only after Palm Pro is sold out), there is no more legacy plan Smartphones in the SPRINT line up, hence the end of the line for millions of legacy plan accounts.

    Thank You

  6. Dominik

    I look forward to the Nexus S coming to Sprint.

    I agree with the poster above, Google needs to be in charge of the updates for the device and NOT Samsung.