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11 responses to “Sprint to Launch Treo Pro on January 25th”

  1. Spoony Love

    Sprint is really funny. They are replacing the 800w with the 850w. Why not admit the mistake with the Instint? I read today that they are coming out with the Instint in PINK. Why not imporve the instint? Why is it every other company has a touch screen Samsung phone that is based on the Instint and their Samsung is much better? I guess Sprint does not want to admit their mistake and just start fresh or do they? I see they say they have their eye on the Andriod system?

  2. Mustang46L

    I’m not sure what replacing the 800w with the 850w has to do with the Instinct. They.. aren’t even remotely close to the same thing. And the 800w needs replaced, been waiting to see the 850 for a while. Now if only we could get a newer Palm device instead of WM.

  3. Pierre

    What’s the mistake with the instinct? did i miss something?

  4. Brian

    Every person i know that has an Instinct.. loves it. They all realize that it is NO IPHONE put are happy with it.. especially with the Everything Plan.

    IMO the Treo Pro is a much more slick phone than the 800w. Sux for the the people who bought the 800w tho’. Palms are solid phones. Not the best but solid. When the Pro was first released a while back from ATT i was pissed that Sprint didn’t pick up this phone. It only seemed natural after the Centro did so well for them. I couldn’t buy the 800w cuz it looked so fugly… so i held out… and im glad i did cuz I purchased an HTC TOUCH PRO for my wife instead. She came from a treo650>centro>now HTC Touch PRO

    I don’t know why SPRINT isn’t pushing the HTC TOUCH PRO. I honestly have to say… it kicks a$$. I have not had any problems with it. It slows down when there are 4+ windows/apps running in the background but i usually just close them thru the task manager and its all good. I really like the TOUCH FLO interface instead of the the windows standard. And out of all the other touch screen phones inc. the iphone, i like the TOUCH FLO interface the best.

    The best app for it or any windows mobile phone is wmwifirouter. This is the coolest app. My wife was able to use it to get on skype and video call me with her and my daughter when they went on vacation.

    I still say SPRINT currently has the best NETWORK w/price hands down period. Verizon is 2nd only because their monthly pricing sux a$$ and thier phones are on lock down.

    AT&T/Tmobile (personally) have had the WORST coverage. I was able stomach Tmobile when i had it cuz thier family plan was cheap, cust service was awsome, and they had my back when i traveled abroad for my honeymoon… but ATT… FORGET IT…. worst coverage EVER and their plans suck A$$ as well.

  5. Mustang46L

    Sorry Brian, just glanced at your response, I’ll read it better later… but the reason that Sprint isn’t pushing the Touch Pro is because THEY DON’T HAVE ANY!!! You can’t get them, period. Best Buy has a few, but Sprint is still waiting for a shipment. It is sad. They will probably have the Treo before they have the Touch Pro back.

  6. Dave

    I like the 800w. I do not like the Treo Pro’s keyboard. Its too cramp.

  7. Brian


    LOL forgot about that! I actually ordered it thru a rep on the phone. I knew it was on back order and in high demand but after a week I called Sprint back. I asked to be transfered to retentions when the rep wasn’t able to give me a definite eta. Retentions rep made it so i can buy the phone from a sprint store and charge the phone to my account. She then adjusted the cost of 579.00 to 299.99/ no rebates. The sprint store near my house had 1 left so i scooped it up.

  8. Don Louie

    What about other colors for the Instinct

  9. Mazi

    I am writing this on my Dec. 2006 issued m610, oh yes first 2megpix of Sprint, in an age of 5 mp Omnia VZW, T Mobile 8 mp Samsung, Sprint offers a 3 mp HT Pro and a 2 mp WM 6.1 850 in Jan 2009!! Never mind Nova the new Palm Platform in Jan, dated Form Factor/OS, absurdly inpractical smudge glossy finish, and oh yes a 2 mp! Sprint needs to lead w/tec like in the beginning of the Company, not follow! A real Pro does not need a shiny smudge toy, but a true Pro needs practical matt black, incognito! Not loud and in your face ! All these shiny Pro devices make me think of shiny toys. At $1700 min 2year Plan req, plus Phone cost, it should look and feel Pro quality, to last and look clean after six months!! Look at Omnia/iPhone, clean and simple designs that simply age like fine Wine, not like fizz flat Soda! Customer since 1997, Thank you

  10. Spoony Love

    I understand what all of you are saying but the bottom line is revenue! Sprint is loosing consumers left and right. Yes sprint has the best plans for your money but if they dont put out product that people want they might not be around to much longer. Remember they sold their towers. So right not it dont look like they tring to stay in the game! Verizon has high plans but they are selling what people want in hardware. Remember the consumer is always right! And the number show that Verizon Tmoblie and of course At&t aka Iphone is running away with it.

  11. Pierre

    @ Spoony

    This is an article about a new product release. I still dont see what Sprint’s churn has to do with this. The Instinct was a mistake? HOW?

    Yes Sprint didnt have the iPhone but then again neither did anyone other than AT&T.

    The other companies Samsungs are better because they released their AFTER the Instinct. DUHHH. You dont think all the Razors that were released AFTER the original one on AT&T were better? HELLOOOO