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12 responses to “Sprint to Roll Out Android Froyo on Samsung Intercept Today? (Updated)”

  1. Tim Cooper

    Hoping this is true, and also applies to the Virgin Mobile version of the Intercept!

  2. Tim Cooper

    Confirmed by Sprint to be coming to Sprint phones. No word on Virgin Mobile, though.

  3. Booger

    Epic FAIL! Tons of Intercepts nationwide are now bricks this morning. Sprint’s phone system is on overload.

  4. alien

    Dito… tried to update and had to restore factory defaults to get Intercept to boot. Error was could not find file cache/S:M910.05.S.DL05 even though I could browse to that folder and see it. Now it is gone and I can’t get it downloaded again.

  5. Ohio Legendz

    I got updated to 2.2 today and I love it. (Sprint Intercept)

  6. kris

    Where’s the flash player on the new 2.2 update for Intercepts??!! Was told we would get this and live wallpapers when 2.2 came. Now no flash player 10.1 even in market!! Wth!!

  7. Lisa

    @kris Did you get the live wallpaper with your 2.2 update? I updated but still no live wallpaper.

  8. Christopher Price

    Intercept has disabled some of the ARM calls needed for Flash and Live Wallpapers. There’s some debate in the hacking community about if Samsung disabled this on purpose, or if Intercept is downclocked too slow to benefit from those calls.

    And then you get into the debate as to if Intercept was underclocked intentionally, in order to stop it from competing with Moment and Galaxy S…

  9. edward

    Updated to Froyo…now GPS does not work. Frustrating.

  10. Christopher Price

    Edward, try clearing your A-GPS data. If you have difficulty with that, I would suggest a Factory Data Reset.

  11. Josh

    i updated on my intercept and lost all of my contacts and pics taken will not save

  12. Heather

    I hate the update! My phone can’t do half the things it use to. I lost half of my contacts, and were do you put in the speed dial numbers and ring tones