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6 responses to “Sprint Touch Pro Listed On Best Buy Online, Limited Availability in Stores”

  1. los2003

    I don’t see it yet?? atleast after I type my zip in and all that

  2. Jeff

    Picked mine up on Friday, once my Best Buy told me that they had them in-stock and were OK with selling it on Friday.

    Main reason I wanted it ASAP was that I could get a 20% off discount from the post-rebate pricing being a Reward Zone member, from the website. The price had to be changed manually in the computer, though it was $239.99 + tax OTD. Said discount ends on Nov 1st.

  3. David

    Got mine Sunday at Best Buy for $239.99 + tax also. The 20% off expires Nov 1 (or maybe Oct 31…)

  4. Skip

    do you have to have be a rewards zone member to get the discount?

  5. Christopher Price

    Skip, yes, but membership is free. More details at

  6. Tom Miller

    Supplies are limited, so act fast on this one. I have been waiting and watching for the best deal on this phone, and this by far is the best deal. I had my order through Sprint’s EVP website, but I would have paid $399 each and had to wait months for the $100 mail in rebate. Best Buy eliminated all main in rebates, so the discount was instant. I joined the Rewards Zone program yesterday and was able to use it on two of these phones.

    My local Best Buy only got three of them, and yesterday afternoon, they had all been spoken for. I called another Best Buy about 72 miles south of where I am at and they only had 4 of them. I put them on hold, and drove down to get them. $513 OTD!!! SWEET!!!