Sprint Treo 600 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Accessory Class Action Suit Leads to Settlement

A class action suit filed against Sprint and Palm in 2004 has now led to a settlement for affected customers.

The suit was filed with the plaintiffs alleging claims from both companies of WiFi and Bluetooth expansion cards for Treo 600 smartphones were untrue because no Bluetooth or WiFi cards were ever developed that are compatible with the Treo 600.

For its part, Palm and Sprint deny the plaintiffs’ allegations but have agreed to settle the case to avoid further litigation. Under the terms of the proposed settlement, class members who are current Sprint subscribers are eligible to receive a $20 bill credit, with Class members who are not current Sprint subscribers are eligible for a $27.50 credit that may be used for a purchase at Palm’s online store.

The deadline for filing a claim if affected is September 15th, 2009 at midnight with the earliest effective date for settlement being tentatively set for September 29th, and is subject to change.

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  1. Christopher Price

    The claim form does not require you to remember your Treo 600 ESN, or provide a sales receipt.