3 responses to “Sprint Treo 755p ROM Update”

  1. Nextel Accessories

    does anyone know if the 755 has Activesync?

  2. Mike

    Just updated my Sprint 755p to v1.07 using the Mini-SD method, and everything went smoothly. I got a little nervous during the ROM update stage – it stated it would take five minutes, but took closer to eleven – I breathed a sigh of relief when it did the first reset and continued updating the firmware.

    The device does seem to be quite a bit more responsive now. I haven’t seen any additional features yet, but I’ve only played with it for a few minutes so far.


  3. David

    Hi all,

    Do you know if it will affect a sprint phone flashed to the phone carrier Cricket? My palm is flashed to Cricket. I’m afraid that the new firmware could make my lose my “flash”