6 responses to “Sprint Unveils Rumor by LG in Green for St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. kenneth

    This color……….just makes me nauseous. Hope it looks better in person.

  2. That Guy


  3. Dan Hesse

    No, its a pretty lousy green color. A hunter or midnight green color would sell way better.

  4. lalo

    Yeah, not really excited about this color. coud have selcted something much better.

  5. tc1uscg

    Rumor (no pun intended) that there were 4 colors put out to Sprint employee’s back in Dec. Rumor (again, no pun intended) that PURPLE won out. Then, it kept getting delayed till now. GREEN? And it’s marketed towards Irish? I want a YELLOW rumor to mach my PIMP style.

  6. hghfg

    this color is amazing in person dont doubt it from this, i have its amazing