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9 responses to “Sprint Upgrading Touch Pro 2 to Windows Mobile 6.5 This Month”

  1. Polemic

    We have seen these leaked “announcements” previously (the past year has had about six of these revelations which never pan out. The so-called “Now Network” has become known as the yesterday network among all of the Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 owners. Even on the Sprint forums such “info” has come from Sprint people many times… but it never happens. Sure would be great if this time was the “charm.”

  2. JJ

    But let me guess…its not going to have htc sense built in? I hope it does have sense otherwise I will continue to flash other roms on it that actually make having windows mobile phone a little better.

    Is it just me or does the name “windows phone classic” sound like the phone is 10 yrs old?

  3. Nanfy


    It is 10 years old. Windows phone classic aka Pocket PC 🙂

    The first, last, and final update to this overpriced sprint phone. At least the XDA guys are getting android working pretty well on this.

  4. JJ

    I saw that. I can’t wait till they get gps and bluetooth working on android on the TP2. The phone itself is an awesome design but the OS sucks. I guess we will see what happens. Right now I’m running the latest energy rom and I like it a lot. I just hope that windows 7 won’t require an everything plan.

  5. Nanfy

    The touch pro 2 is the LAST sero compatible smart phone from sprint. Its everything plan from here on out.

    I really really hope MS gets it right with WM7. Fully supported phones years after release ala iphone or palm with there auto updates.

    I read somewhere that WM7 might support HVGA later on, which I think is big mistake fragmenting the market with low quality hardware. WM7 should target the high end market ala iphone. Leave the low end to android.

  6. JJ

    Well. If i have to switch to an everything plan then goodbye to windows. I would rather use android or webos if I’m forced to pay more. I guess we will see. By the time wm7 comes out Android will have almost as much apps as iphone not to mention android is the fastes growing os right now. I know a lot of my friends will be switching to android if they are forced into an everything plan.

  7. Nanfy

    i have 5 lines on an everything family plus and pay only 31 dollars per line a minus -5% AMEX simplycash discount. A better deal than sero $30 500 minutes because i get anytime any mobile and gps too, plus my choice of sprints lackluster smartphone line up.

    I’m afraid Android is going to become the next windows mobile. Super fragmented. Unless your buying a nexus one, from google themselves, you’ll be stuck with poor update support or having to look towards xda for help.

    The nexus one is the ONLY andriod phone that google has committed to support. All other phones from other vendors you can bet they will be left behind. HTC is out to sell sell sell, so updates are 2nd rate. By the time they roll out 2.1 on their devices, 2.2 or whatever will be out. After that, HTC won’t even bother.

  8. JJ

    I don’t think android is going the same way of windows mobile. Right now it is the fastest growing OS. The reason they are not updating the os like iphone is because they are letting the OS be used by many manufacturers and a lot of times they leave it up to the manufacturer to update.
    The iphone only has one phone and they control it. Android is going to surpass blackberry and apple because it is open source. So I wouldn’t dog on android yet.
    Plus how does sprint have lackluster phones? They have the same major phones as verizon and att not to mention the best data plans and the first 4g provider.
    I have both sprint and verizon and almost every time my sprint phone gets the faster data connectio.
    I think sprint and android are doing just fine. Its windows mobile that has something to worry about.

  9. Claudio

    I recieved that same flyer in the mail, it seems to be a business-oriented flyer, but it did confirm march for the upgrade