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3 responses to “Sprint’s Final, Confusing Word on the iPhone 4S SIM Slot (Updated)”

  1. JailBird

    How exactly would Sprint get stuck with a subsidy bill? If the subsidy is higher than the ETA, than that’s their own fault!

  2. Christopher Price

    While you are correct, there is a high level of fraud when it comes to iPhone.

    People sign up with fake/stolen social security numbers, with no intention of even paying the first bill… just taking the device right to the aftermarket and letting the bill go straight to collections.

    With a GSM unlocked Sprint iPhone 4S, in such a case Sprint would be out the full subsidy, with no way of stopping the phone from being activated on AT&T, T-Mobile, or carriers abroad… fully functional.

  3. WiNut

    The comment left by Chris is very on point. Additionally Apple dictates a lot of the policy the carriers cope with, as in this situation. Phones being shipped locked should resolve the issue, it’s a small inconvenience for the customer but a major issue in terms of fraud.