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11 responses to “Sprint’s Motorola V950e Remixes Old Hardware With Longer Battery Life”

  1. Don Louie

    I’ve been through 5 or 6 of these since it came out 9/08, hope I can get one of them to replace this defective one.

  2. JailBird

    I loved my V950. It’s currently my “backup” to my Moment.

    I’d kill for an Android w/ QChat, or a PowerSource Android :(.

  3. Steven Goldfein

    I’d love an adroid phone with some sort of Push To Talk. Does qchat work as reliably as the nextel PTT?

  4. Dejan

    You guys do realize that the Motorola i1 is an Android OS phone that runs on the iDEN network, right? Now, whether there will be an Android CDMA phone with Q-chat is a different matter. There should be.

    The article claims that costs were the problem and why Q-chat was doomed. Try again. The real problem was (and remains) that Q-chat is a bandwidth hog. It forces every other non-Q-chat user to experience serious data communication degradation. And that’s where the “cost” of using Q-chat came in. To add Q-chat to a phone is mostly a software upgrade at most…has little to do with hardware actually.

    Anyhow, hopefully Sprint will correct its own stupid way of thinking that if it is Nextel, it must suck. After all, there are still millions of people using iDEN…maybe Sprint should expand its own CDMA network in order to overlap that of iDEN…and then issue all current iDEN post-paid users a free handset of the user’s choice in order to migrate over to Sprint CDMA. It really would make the most sense and ultimately would probably be the cheapest way for Sprint to retain the millions of current iDEN users.

  5. Don Louie

    Dejan, are you the same cat from baw, what you said seems eerily close to what was said when qchat was just talk and taking forever to get here on their forums?

    Goldfein, as long as in a DOrA area qchat should do most of what IDEN does except initiating group talk or direct talk. I’m one of the few still into DC and was upset to know we won’t see more.

  6. Sam

    “the V950e is only being sold through business channels at this time, with existing V950 units still being sold to consumers.” Not true. I just ordered a V950E through telesales….I’m a consumer, not a business…

  7. Don Louie

    I just want them to replace my 5 or 6th broken one with this, even with moderate usage it never lasted more than a few hours and lost battery strength just in standby.

  8. DP

    What a haphazard piece of journalism, Mr. Price. There is no evidence that Sprint is “in-talks” to merge with T-Mobile USA. I’m well aware of Dan Hesse’s now infamous “logic” comment, but that certainly is not proof of merger talks.

  9. DP

    Actually, Mr. Price what you stated is that Sprint is “in-talks” about a potential merger with T-Mobile USA. Again, there is no proof to that effect. As I recall, Hesse declined comment regarding any merger with T-Mobile. While that obviously isn’t a denial, it certainly isn’t a confirmation either. I am indeed trying my best to “wise up” every day that I am on this Earth. However, I am already sufficiently wise enough not to treat rumor and innuendo as facts…