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55 responses to “Sprint’s Samsung SPH-Z700 Dies a Quiet Death”

  1. Don Louie

    CJ, wherever your info saying Sprint isn’t cheaper is false once factoring data, nav and messaging. Now I will state some facts that all can look up as follows: att has 3g but faster 3g isn’t in as many places as Sprint, Tmo just got in the 3g biz, SERO, SE plus and even SE are better values than other because of data, nav, messaging, tv and radio. You are making an @$$ of yourself by assuming what plan and phone I use is cheap because of my post. I’m really hoping more highend ptt phones like the v950 come out though, the Moto is growing on me (because of functionality not looks)

  2. cj

    simply everyting: $69.99 – 450 minutes, data, messaging, navigation
    nationwide premium: $79.99 – 450 minutes, data, messaging, navigation
    tmobile: $59.99 – 1,000 minutes, data

    thats what i found for bundled plans. if sprint is cheaper and better wouldnt people be flocking to sprint rather than 1.09 million people leaving in 3 months. you get about the same for your money. its that simple. even if you claim sprint is a bit faster but being able to use unlocked phones of your choice rather than waiting around hoping your carrier releases a bastardized version such as the n95 that has a 5 mp camera might make it even to most people. im not assuming what phone you have, you mentioned that you bought a moto for $130 which is entry level not me.

  3. cj

    ya i had a moto k1m before the touch and i LOVED that phone despite the terrible battery life (after the 1st firmware upgrade). i was checking sprints lineup and am disappointed to see they no longer offer the k1m or the k9m which was almost $500 just a few months ago. at least theres ebay but theres always the danger of it being used or worse broken. anyways enjoy your moto!

  4. Don Louie

    So far my v950 is ok, I want something a lot more handsome and the z700 was slightly that

  5. Don Louie

    The Moto is the best CDMA ptt phone phone out if you can get part the 4 hour standby and no NFL Mobile Live, I couldn’t