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55 responses to “Sprint’s Samsung SPH-Z700 Dies a Quiet Death”

  1. Don Louie

    I am disappointed, the more devices the better.

  2. cj

    no one will notice. most sprint phones look just like this. selling off towers and canceling upcoming releases are not a good sign.

  3. omegah

    Sprint has like 50,000 towers just so you know 3,000 is not alot AT ALL

  4. cj

    no one mentioned numbers but since youre quick to bring them up, ill play your game. its 3,300 towers for $670 million. since they lost over $200 million in the first quarter alone, sprint was desperate. besides if its ONLY “3,000” and not alot at all then why did they sell them? you can attempt to defend this move but at the end of the day, selling off assets is not good no matter how you spin it.

  5. Andrew

    When will sprint realize that they need NEW phones!!!… I really wish Sprint would pull out something new that is worth buying….. All they phones they come out with are crap or half finished…

  6. bj

    Why own 3,300 towers when you have 50,000+ towers? why not just focus on things you are good at and let companies that specialize in that do it – plus its not like they are shutting down the tower either, so coverage isnt going to change….

  7. cj

    losing over $200 million in the first three months of the year and selling off assets = not a good situation. please stop trying to spin this in a positive light. bj is absolutely right. sprint should focus on things that they are good at such as their world famous customer service or their junk status credit rating… funny how all fan boys dance around the fact that sprint loses money every quarter.

  8. brandon smith

    Just an FYI, Sprint is the only of the large wireless providers to own any of their towers. They have been selling them off for years when the price is right. Now yes, loosing 200 Mil is not good but the tower deal was in the works long before that happened. Ideally they would like to get rid of most of them at some point. They are worth more owned by someone else and paying rent.

  9. celz

    Learn what the hell your talkin about before you spew misinformation. SPRINT WAS THE LAST CARRIER TO SELL TOWERS. Yes every other carrier has sold a majority of their towers BEFORE Sprint. So shut that crap up and do some research. Your just jealous sprint users get better service at a lower price. And that is a fact in major metro areas. And we have wimax coming soon too.

  10. celz

    and i was waiting for this phone too.. even tho no one uses direct connect besides businesses anymore I would love to get a decent samsung flip to go with my mogul ppc 6800… The a900 was one of the best phones I ever had without stereo bluetooth, sd card, and gps…

  11. luis

    This Was Going To Be The Smallest Best Equiped Phone For Sprint. I Hope That this Be A Mistake.

  12. Bottomline

    Thank u celz, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think we all know Sprint is going thru a rough time right now. Y is it necessary to keep beating a dead horse(cj) ??? If you’re so unhappy with sprint, y dont u switch carriers ? You’ll soon find out that the grass isn’t always greener in someone else’s backyard !

  13. cj

    why are you so angry celz? lol. i like how you COMPLETELY skipped over the fact that sprint is losing tons of money and customers. perhaps you should do some research on the financial state of you favorite wireless provider. great service at a lower price should equal revenue. your undying loyalty to a wireless carrier that is losing hundreds of millions of dollars is both admirable and pathetic all at the same time. anyways, if sprint is the only one who owns towers and now theyre selling them off because its too costly then they screwed up when they decided to buy them. maybe thats why they cant turn a profit now. we can go back and forth about if this is a smart move for sprint but if it is theyre only correcting a mistake made in the past. uhm bottomline? on top of losing over $200 million dollars in the first three months, sprint lost OVER 1 million customers in that time. the grass may not be better on another side but handset selections and customer service is (i will be leaving in 4 months unless you can talk cs into letting me out early).

  14. Bottomline

    Great, fantastic, so they’ve lost hundreds of millions of dollars, lost over a million customers, they’ve had terrible customer service, and the list goes on & on & on…………So, tell me something cj ? Y r u still with them(sprint) ? For someone who seems to be as unhappy as u r with your wireless provider, I would think that the termination fee would be the least of your worries. It would free u immediately from so much torture and you would be free to sign up with any one of the other wonderful carriers. To my knowledge, anyone can leave whenever they want. So y dont u do us all a favor, & move on. Your wireless UTOPIA awaits…………………

  15. Bottomline

    Oh, & another thing mr. cj, FYI, I’ve been in the wireless industry for over 25 years, and it’s been my experience that not all things are as black or white as they seem. I do not pretend to know everything(because I dont) but I will tell u this, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. For what it’s worth, I’ve been with all the major carriers(all of them) in 1 capacity or another. I’ve tried all of their services(up until a few months ago), and to be perfectly honest with u, none of them r perfect. As u will soon find out, they all have there pros & cons. It’s a matter of personal preferance, that’s all it is. In my humble opinion, Sprint is as good , or better than, any wireless company u go to. Again, depending upon where u live, u will soon find out……………

  16. cj

    silly bottomline. why do you care so much about my opinion? are you upset that i badmouth sprint? and yet its ok for sprint fanboys to call att or apple crooks and attack anyone who has anything negative to say about your beloved wireless company. im merely doing what sprint fanboys do in other threads. its funny that i dont really hate sprint as a company but i cant stand their rabid fanboys. youre right. sprints reception is not better or worse than verizons in my area. ive tried both as well. i chose sprint because of sero and nothing else. i like how you make it seem like im not going to get any service with other carriers by saying “u will soon find out….. or your wireless utopia awaits” lol enough with the doom and gloom, give it a rest. your theory is severely flawed. i keep mentioning that 1.09 million people left sprint in the first three months of this year to go to other providers. are you saying that all those people are now getting poor reception? sprint is in third out of four in terms of user base. if sprint is superior in terms of service and pricing people would not be leaving and they would not be losing money. like you said it depends on where i live. how would you know if my reception will be worse? on top of being a 25 year veteran of the wireless industry, are you now telepathic? plenty of people have reception issues with your almighty sprint. dont take my word for it look at the customer satisfaction reports done by consumer agencies and sprint is dead last or close to it every year. and thats not including their world famous customer service which is without a doubt dead last. like don louie said, you have your opinion, i have mine.

  17. cj
  18. Bottomline

    No, I am not telepathic nor do I give 2 hoots about your opinion. However, this is a discussion forum & all i’m doing(as u are) is simply stating my opinion. If you’ll notice, I haven’t criticized anyone(unlike u). The world will continue to evolve regardless of what you or I think. The only thing I dont understand is, why people like u continue to whine & complain about something when there’s a very simple solution to the problem. All u literally have to do is leave. Problem solved !

  19. Bottomline

    Finally, can u tell me where I said that u weren’t going to get any service with any of the other carriers ? Maybe u ought to read my postings a little more carefully. “You will soon find out” means exactly that. I cant help it if u “assumed” that I meant it in a negative light……..As far as doom & gloom goes, u got me. Bottomline, if u dont like your service provider, switch………Stop suffering so much, u only live once.

  20. VCI_Cell

    Awesome flame war up there.

    Anyway, where are the sources for this story, PN? I can’t corroborate this via other cell news outlets — internal info? Please clarify.

  21. bottomline

    Hello VCI, im not waring with anybody. I just dont understand how some people elect to voluntarily be in miserable situation. It’s pathetic. They bitch & whine about something that they can correct very easily. If I dont like how my bank is treating me, I switch to another bank. If I dont like the wireless provider im with, I switch providers and so on………..I mean, how hard is it ? What good is it to complain about something over & over again, when the solution is really quite simple ? Whatever, i’m over it………..

  22. cj

    for someone who doesnt give 2 hoots about my opinion you have sure expended alot of time and energy replying to me. imagine if you actually cared…. i havent criticized you or anyone else here so your claim that im doing so is false much like your infinite wisdom in the wireless industry. so are you honestly going to say “you will soon find out or your wireless utopia awaits you….” was said in a positive light to the other carriers? lol. like i said before sprints SUPERIOR service + cheap pricing (a thing of the past) = 1.09 million customers leaving. seems those people soon found out huh? why dont you show me a link proving sprints superior reception or customer satisfaction reports rather than stating your biased and obviously wrong opinions. i have proof to back up my claims you dont. anyways i enjoy going back and forth with you. like i mentioned before sprint fanatics have polluted many att and iphone threads which is fine but if i say anything negative about sprint im “crticizing” people. i will leave when my contract is up in february because there is no reason to give them a $200 etf. perhaps they can apply that to their q1 $253 million operating loss. but that doesnt mean our little talks will stop so relax have yourself a snickers bar because were going to be here for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Bottomline

    It never ceases to amaze me. Good grief, haven’t u had enough ? How can u be so narrow-minded, pig-headed, and pessimistic ? Dude, whatever……….I’ll tell u what though, if I was on Sprint’s board of directors, I would’ve given u your walking papers a long time ago. I would’ve waved your etf and shown u the exit. It would’ve been worth the $200 just to get rid of u. I sure as hell wouldn’t want someone like u on my team. By the way, what part of “you will soon find out” dont u understand ? It simply means that u will soon find out…….Pretty simple, huh ? It’s called basic english. As far as, “your wireless utopia awaits” =sarcasm. Do u know what that means ? And if u actually think i’m going to go to the trouble of looking up links(whether they exist or not) for u, your crazier than I thought………In regards to your claims that back u up, u know what u can do with those……..Or do I need to spell that out for u as well ? Finally, enjoy your last several months in Sprint hell, who knows, after hearing u rant the last few days, your probably a mental masochist…………

  24. cj

    bottomline is becoming more and more desperate now. youre resorting to name calling? despite the fact that youre in your 40’s at least, youre beginning to act like a hurt child. but at the end of the day youre the upset fanboy im not since im not backing a particular carrier like you. of course youre not going to prove that sprints service is vastly superior to other networks like you claim because such proof does not exist silly. no need to go to the trouble of looking up information thats only going to put sprint in last place for me since you obviously need that time to think up more names to call me and respond to all my posts. like i mentioned before, i have no issue with sprint just fanboys such as yourself. i will continue to point out sprints failures for you and others as a friendly reminder that your claims of superior service + low prices = massive failure. you can take your ball and go home now. thank you for playing!

  25. bottomline

    Desperate ??? Name calling ??? Fanboy ??? I really feel sorry for people like yourself who spend their whole entire lives in a state of misery. Constantly complaining, bitching, or whining about one thing or another. Were u an abused child ? Abandoned ? Neglected ? Well, i’m not a psychiatrist, but maybe u ought to look into getting some professional help. God knows u need it. Lastly, this isn’t name calling. Just an observation of a disturbed individual. Good luck…………

  26. bottomline

    If it’ll make u feel better, Sprint sucks !!!! Happy now ??? Now go get help !

  27. cj

    whoa calm down bottomline!!! relax and recite that its ONLY the internet and there is no need to get angry and attempt to attack a strangers past. you seem very annoyed for someone who doesnt “give 2 hoots”. speculating on my past is childish and clearly an act of desperation. perhaps youre sobbing as you type your juvenile insults. i could do the same but will not play your silly game ya 40 something year old fanboy. ill stick to pointing out sprints failures to which you clearly have no answers for. just remember, insulting me will not turn a profit for sprint. nor will it make the millions of customers who left your wireless utopia come crawling back. you will soon find out…. lmao! but if it makes you feel better about yourself, go right ahead. btw, sprint posted further loss in q2 (i can post the link if youd like). you said sprint sucks not me……

  28. Don Louie

    The guy is looking for somebody to reply and Bottomline, your just feeding into it. Don’t reference him, if he wants to pay more for the same let him because if SERO is the plan he has he most definitely will. C.S. quality may increase elsewhere but so will the MRC, no carrier is perfect and Sprint is far from it but even the antagonist has to admit that dollar stretches a lot farther with yellow than it will with red or blue. Magenta, Cricket and Leap is the only place you’ll save but data on all those isn’t the same. Anyway, I’m hoping Sammy brings more ptt devices sooner than later

  29. Bottomline

    Here here Don Louie, you’re right. You can lead a horse to water but u can’t make him drink.

  30. cj

    since sprint cancelled sero i will pay more if i stay with sprint or leave. honestly, i have no gripes with sprints reception or pricing. just their fanboys! i would even recommend sprint to friends. the dollar stretching farther on sprint is a thing of the past in the gary foresee era. for 39.99 a month you can get 450 minutes on sprint while you get 450 minutes on verizon and 600 on tmobile. sprint does offer nights starting at 7 pm which is nice but verizon has larger in network calling so its a toss up depending on what your friends and family are using. plans and pricing is comparable across all networks. my whole point is not sprint is worse than other carriers, just not superior. thats all. but people like bottomline cant live with me not admitting sprint is the best and everyone else has no reception.

  31. Bottomline

    Any idea when the Motorola V950 will launch ?

  32. cj

    perhaps its canceled too. you will soon find out….

  33. Don Louie

    I want to get one of the CDMA DC and was interested in the z700 or the Moto but am hesitant because of my disdain for them so I’m a little disappointed it won’t be coming.

  34. Bottomline

    I think it’s a little to late to try to talk any sense into cj but thanx for the post.

  35. cj

    thanx chris. if sprint allows sero extensions i might just keep it as a second line but i have had my heart set on the samsung p520 and lg kf510 for a while now so im definitely leaning towards getting those phones.

    @ bottomline. youve offered nothing to support your claims other than im a 25 year expert in wireless industry or im not going to look up any support to back up your claims. making ridiculous comments like you will soon see. you should just stick to making child abuse comments. youre good at that!

  36. cj

    btw, anyone who was interested in cricket, magenta and leap should disregard don louie’s comments regarding their data services as inferior as hes never used their services and is merely writing them off for the sake of sprint. you should do your own research and make your decision based on that.

  37. Bottomline

    Incredible, this guy actually went to the trouble of looking up info to try and discredit Don Louie…….Does the word “Malcontent” mean anything to u ? Talk about a rebel without a clue………. It’s ok though, it’s not entirely your fault. It’s obviously a much deeper rooted problem. I wish u well on your road to recovery……..

  38. Bottomline

    Chris, your thoughts on how wimax compares to lte ? I know both are 4g technologies designed to move data rather than voice, but isn’t it true wimax equipment is standard therefore cheaper to buy ? I’m sure both will be fine but things such as backhaul capacity and availability of network devices will determine how wireless our world becomes.

  39. Don Louie

    I say magenta (Tmo), Cricket and Leap’s data network is nowhere near Sprint’s, as far as coverage and that really isn’t debatable. Man, I wanted that Sammy to come out but the Moto will have to do

  40. Don Louie

    I ordered the v950 today for $130, hope they don’t send that ve whatever in error.

  41. cj

    well in that case don louie, sprint & tmobiles coverage is no where near att or verizon then. so as cricket and leap is “inferior” to sprint according to you, by that same logic sprint is inferior to att & verizon. dont discredit a service you have never used. its best you dont comment on them at all. also i doubt cricket or leap is losing $253 million/1.09 million customers in three month and on pace to lose $600 million in 2008.

    @ bottomline, what info did i look up? don louie will tell you himself hes never used cricket or magenta. that would be like me discrediting tmobile which i have never used. youre still trying to speculate on my past? are you seriously that desperate over a wireless disagreement? your fascination with children getting abused is unhealthy and has no place on this site. keep it to yourself!

  42. Bottomline

    Im not speculating on anyone’s past. As far as my fascination with children getting abused, that’s beyond me. I’m simply comenting on an individual who is consistently criticizing and complaining about a certain wireless provider(Sprint) who he happens to be a customer of(supposedly). I’m quite sure that what you’ve said about Sprint(so far) isn’t top secret. Most of us know what’s going on with Sprint(customer service problems, losing money, defections). I’ve had cs issues with them myself. It’s unfortunate. But listen, if that’s what makes u happy, so be it. If that’s what u derive pleasure from, knock yourself out. I, personally, think it’s sad & pathetic but that’s just me. Anyway, dont let me stop u, keep up the good work………..

  43. Don Louie

    CJ you don’t know what service I use, don’t put me in your argument with another guy. Tmobile doesn’t have enough 3g coverage, Cricket and Leap have regional and not all of the 12 to 20 markets have 3g (speaking from experience), att isn’t there with 3g either (look it up) vzw is toe to toe and may have more DOrA than Sprint. I digress, this is about ptt devices. CJ, I made no comment on your plan, device or carrier in particular so leave me out that mess because I interjected opinions with some facts

  44. Don Louie

    I never have used magenta and all those instances where I mentioned Cricket and Leap (same thing) I meant to put Metro PCS there for Cricket. I have experience with them too

  45. Don Louie

    I would like to see more devices soon, other than that Moto

  46. cj

    nice way of backtracking bottomline you silly registered sex offender you! if you want criticizing check the iphones at best buy thread… but i guess when sprint fans do the criticizing its ok to you. how have i criticized sprint? did i say their reception is bad? or did i say they are overcharging? im merely pointing out their failures that you mentioned are public knowledge despite fanboys such as yourself overlooking them completely and saying sprint is without question the best carrier. we can go back and forth about opinion but at the end of the day, sprints failures are proof that they aren’t by far the best service at the best price (i did a comparison earlier). since you are obviously in your 40’s with the iq of a retarded toddler i will spell it out for you once more. sprint is not a bad carrier. nor are they vastly superior. they are on par with att, tmobile and verizon. thats all ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. cj

    don louie, you came back into this mess with that sprint is cheaper and better than everyone else and you mentioned that i have sero and will be paying more. i did a comparison and of course you ignored it completely since it shows sprint does not offer more for $40 a month. but i do agree with you, sprint USED to be cheaper than other carriers. if you didnt want to get involved you shouldnt have mentioned me or my sero plan. youre right i dont know exactly what you have but judging from your comments and choice of threads, you are in the market for a $130 bottom entry level phone. you definately arent an instinct and simply everything guy so its safe to say you probably didnt have multiple services with multiple carriers. if metro and cricket are not on sprints level, why even bring them up to begin with? at least they didnt lose $253 million in three months.