Deal: Staples Crazy Coupon Combo Process (CCCP), Cyber Monday 2010 Edition

We like Staples, even when they clim our coupons are already used. Okay, not when they claim our coupons are already used. But most of the other time.

So, we put together a crazy deal, using their Cyber Monday deals. We may not get any fans at Staples HQ, but after being in the wireless industry for seven years, we’re kinda used to that.

1) Get a $25 off $100 Staples coupon, or one you have laying around… we hear E-junkie has some…
2) Add the following to your cart:

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security (3-User)
– Free after $69 rebate
Midland LXT490VP3 Two-Way Radios with Charger
Kodak 15/Pack 25GB BD-R Blu-Ray Disc

3) Add the $25 off $100 coupon that you have laying around.
4) Checkout

Here’s the math: $124.95 – $25 Coupon – $10 Instant Rebate Coupon – $69.99 MIR = $19.96 Shipped

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