Statement: Settles with AT&T over Branding Dispute

After a long, protracted series of discussions with AT&T, Inc. has licensed the use of blue and orange colors in its logo.

“The colors blue and orange are central to AT&T’s branding campaign. The fact that we no longer use the Cingular brand, or the particular shade of blue that uses, is not relevant. We hope to enjoy a controlling stake in both colors for many years to come.” – Mark Siegel, AT&T Media Relations

Under the agreement, agrees to give AT&T an undisclosed amount, in exchange for licensing AT&T’s groundbreaking patent over the use of a round circle in its logo. AT&T will also gain rights to declare themselves a news organization, should they chose to enter the market in the future.

Happy April Fools everyone. Though the online wireless news sector can be cutthroat, we stand behind AOL’s refusal to take down the color magenta on Engadget Mobile (T-Mobile this week demanded Engadget Mobile cease using the color magenta in its logo).

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3 responses to “Statement: Settles with AT&T over Branding Dispute”

  1. eric thompson

    maybe Crayola ought to sue T-Mobile

  2. Christopher

    LOL. ^

    You lost me at the third paragraph, though. First you were talking about colors and then you go to circles? Pretty good up to then…

  3. randomrandom

    Haha, Chris. Nice April Fool’s prank. One question, though. What if AT&T takes that as a signal to actually sue over it? I can imagine some bored executive reading it and saying to himself/herself, “well, now that you mention it, that seems like a good idea…”