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88 responses to “Straight Talk Announces LG Optimus Q”

  1. char dykes

    I ordered the new android optimus Q smart phone last week through straight talk. Haven’t received it yet and was reading the posts on here about how it’s not suported by Verizon?? I actually don’t care that is not, I just expect good service and hope that my new phone has as good reception as my current one… that is supported by Verizon. I would hate to pay $179.00 for a phone and not be able to use it because of bad reception. Any words of encouragement???

  2. zachary

    Ok go to virgin go to their covarage map and type in ur address see if u get service they are runing st androids on the same net work as VirginMobile

  3. char

    thanks zachary! 🙂 now.. if it says the coverage is “fair” does that mean i will need to climb on the top of my house and wear a aluminum pointed hat to get a good pick up?? LOL

  4. zachary

    Yea lol I have fair and I have 3 bars and 3g it may or maynot tthat goes buy oitdoors sry spelling is jackd up using my phone and it is not woeking all that well small keys haha

  5. char

    another question… how do i transfer my contacts from my current phone to a new phone? my sister told me that you could somehow do by bluetooth???

  6. zachary

    Yes you can if both phones support it lg q should cuz of its android os

  7. jeanette

    will the optimus work in rural areas. I hear they will run off sprint towers

  8. Vahsh

    Jeanette read the above post by Zackary. Use the virgin mobile map to judge your coverage

  9. zachary

    Thank u cuz I’m tired of repeating

  10. Reality Check

    I had Sprint for years, got good reception and had very few dropped calls. I went with Straight Talk to save money and get away from monthly billing, choosing the Samsung r355c, which is on Verizon. I get more dropped calls in a month on Verizon than I got in a year with Sprint. So those here who think the Verizon network is oh so superior to Sprint’s are only voicing an opinion based on their personal experience. Based on my own personal experience, I have no reservations whatsoever about buying the Straight Talk LG Optimus Q, which operates on the Sprint Network.

  11. zachary

    But what ur not noticing is straight talk runs off prepaid towers. Not full I have droped calls if I get under. Two bars with sprints Nextel unlike hipbone and verizon

  12. Christopher Price

    Zachary, there’s no such thing as a “prepaid tower”.

    Some prepaid networks have less coverage than their perceived parent network, because they lack free roaming agreements.

    For example, Sprint often benefits from free roaming in Alltel/Verizon markets. However, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and offerings like Straight Talk do not have access to these free roaming areas.

    A tower provides the same amount of signal strength to the phone regardless of if it is prepaid or postpaid. The only difference from that aspect is what towers it can connect to.

    (Data is a completely different issue, as many prepaid offerings are now throttled from the get-go, but unsurprisingly have the same latency/ping-rate, as they are indeed using the same tower with the same signal-to-noise ratio… sorry if that got a bit too technical, feel free to ask for explanations).

  13. zachary

    That is not what I meant the prepaid phones do not use the full network

  14. Jon

    This phone is awesome.. The service is honestly not as bad as I thought. I always have service and plus I get 3G alot. I have nothing bad to say about it yet and probably won’t!

  15. Jon

    Does anyone know where and what case do I get for it? I would hate to break it..

  16. Vahsh

    Per the ST rep as of last week “Our agreement does not allow for throttling so data should be running at the same speed as any normal Sprint phone” I later was talking about the report the ST help desk was claiming these phones would work on the Verizon network. his answer “While that is partially right these phones are Sprint network users the only time they can use a Verizon tower would be if it was flagged for Sprint useage.” I take that to mean roaming off Sprints personal towers and using their total network map.

  17. Christopher Price

    I doubt it worked out that way. Verizon charges far more for wholesale data than Sprint. If someone had high usage on Sprint, the last thing ST would want to do is force that user over to a Verizon tower.

  18. zachary

    Agreed vzw. Is the costly data network if any thing they would but u on att but it is not a GSM device there is no timing if so just talk and text with 2g

  19. tammy

    does this phone have “hot spot” that you can link in a laptop to that has no internet connection? my droid thunderbolt does and im checking out phones on ST to c if it would benifit me to switch once my contract is closer to being up..

  20. Vahsh

    ST user agreement does not allow for tethering or hot spot. While you could do it and go undetected for a while sooner or later you high data useage would be questioned

  21. char

    I ordered the LG Android Optimus Q Smart Phone from the Straight Talk. Was assured that I would have great service in my area. I put in my zip code when I ordered the phone, and was told by one of the straight talk advisors on line that … “oh yes, I would be very pleased with the service and how well my phone would pick up in my area” OK, then.. I am all set.. right?? NOT!!!! I was just so excited when my phone arrived!! Like a kid with a new , long awaited, wish list toy!! I called to activate the phone and was told that there were no service towers in my area to support this phone! 🙁 … I was soooooo disapointed!!! So, I had to send the phone back!! And this was just the perfect phone!! I had taken it out of the box, played with it for a while even before calling to activate it!! I was just in awe of what an awesome new phone I have!!!!! So… anyway… just FYI… just because you are assured online that your new phone will have service in your area… it might be a good idea to actually call and speak with a real person and check to see if your new phone actually will have service in your area before you actually order the phone!! I have had great service with straight talk, but after this ,,, I probably will just go to the Verizon Store and get my Smart Phone so they can just go ahead and set it up and I will be sure that it works and I have service. And again.. I like Straight Talk. Mostly because of the no contract and cost. But… this was just such a disapointment!! I know… whine, whine, whine… 🙁

  22. Zachary

    Look at net10 I think there’s runs on Verizon u should check

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  24. debra

    How do I get out of safe mode? Also how do I keep the back light on the slider on?

  25. michael baker

    how do i activate this phone

  26. J-rod

    ok well thats wierd cause here in ga newnan has the lg q for 199 and it has on the box cdma wich is verizon the other ones are gsm and sprint and what im told is if its cdma only on the box its verizon

  27. Naomi

    Does anyone know if you can change or add towers?

  28. charity

    ok so i wake up this morning and i have a system error on mine saying it can not connect to and asks me to update my profile and still nothing can someone HELP??????

  29. charity

    its error code 67

  30. jb3682

    Well, from what I see is Verizon will not allow android phone on their network if they are prepaid. All Android phones on Straight talk use Sprint towers. Any phone that uses a sim use AT&T towers.

  31. zachary

    Straight talk has one verizon android call the samsung proclaim you should look for it

  32. Tommy

    Does this LG55C straight talk phone have Nation wide coverage?

  33. Kare

    I own the LG Optimus slider on Straight Talk. It’s all they said it was. I’m wondering if I can use it as a hotspot for my laptop? If so, how? I’ve tried FoxFi and tethering and that doesn’t work.

  34. Tom S

    Klink is a popular tethering app that works over USB cable. You should give that a try.

  35. Ramona

    I just bought an LG Optimus Q phone from Ebay. How do I begin to get it set up on a prepaid account? I was told by the seller that it had to run on the Straight Talk network. I do hope to sign with the S/T unlimited, prepaid plans. I welcome any and all advice, Thank you!

  36. elizabeth

    how can i get the password to unlock my phone if i forgot it?
    or is there any other way i can unlock it?

  37. Sheila Sheppard

    I purchased a LG Optimus Q from Straight Talk on line and recieved it yesterday. I have been unable to get connected to the internet even after spending 45 minutes on the phone with Straight talk. The person I talked to said there was only two Sprint towers in my area and that this could be the problem and then told me to hang up and call back tomorrow. Any suggestions?

  38. sue

    Im stuck in safe mode and its pissing me off… I’ve called but they keep saying the same thing that doesnt work…