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4 responses to “Straight Talk Launches AT&T-Powered Huawei W1 Windows Phone 8 Smartphone”

  1. Smartphone Online Store

    I’m really fanning of window phone especially their home screen. I am really amazed on it. Maybe some other time I will try to have a windows phone to test and to see if it is really good.

  2. pat

    lol youre retarded; straight talk uses verizon network

    1. me

      no your ******* do youre homework before acting like a smart ass, ST uses ATT, Tmobile,and Verizon, it all depends on the phone and area in which you live and whats available im with ST have been for 5yrs and 4 of those years i (and curently am) was on ATT i even use a current ATT sim card on my ST phone.

  3. Dean Vrooman

    Hi I need help I have a straight talk Huawei windows phone 8, yesterday the screen shattered on me so I need a new one please contact me. I’m not seeing them in any of my walmarts. I need a new one. Thank you.