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4 responses to “Straight Talk Now Selling AT&T LTE Compatible SIM Cards Online”

  1. Mary Dinh

    LTE phones are now available at:

  2. William Smith

    Unfortuntely, Straight Talk has been unbecoming in the practices of false advertising. Where I live, we are limited to either 60-70$ a month prepaid service or joining them with a substantially high deposit as a contract plan, or use Straight Talk wich has A) Reduced Web Browsing to “Mobile Web” every month since Ive owned my phone approximately 7 months….and as of most recently…SUSPENDED my web use all together wich is NOT mrntioned in Terms and Conditions. I use no streaming media and no applications left running AND 90% of my web browsing is at college using wifi. No reason what so ever to have gone over the puny 30mb per day according to their terms. Unsatisfactory customer service as well. My opinion means nil to most consumers, however, the use and abuse of my hard earned dollars infuriates me. I strongly urge an in depth look into their practices before investing in their fraudulence.

  3. Ka yang

    Dear sir,
    My name is Ka yang and I bought an IPhone 5 but I have no straight talk simcard so I want to ask you do a straight talk SIM card compatible with that iPhone 5 . And how do I get it.

    1. Malik

      Hi Ka yang, that I phone 5 has to 1. be unlocked 2. an ATT, or 3. a T mobile phone. If it is…. buy the Micro sim lte for the corresponding carrier.