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13 responses to “Straight Talk Quietly Launches Sprint-Powered LG Optimus Black”

  1. Helen

    I would buy this phone if it didn’t run on the Sprint Network. I don’t get any service bars. That is why I am waiting for the LG Optimus 2X. It is supposed to run on T-Mobile. I call or email Straight Talk everyday and they assure me that they are still releasing the Optimus 2X soon. We will see?

  2. Angie

    I went ahead and bought the LG Optimus 2x Unlocked for 339 and will use the BYOD program, wish me luck for i do not know how to configure a unlocked phone yet and i sure hope it isn’t hard. Wish me luck and if anyone knows where i can find out how to configure this phone, please provide a link. Thanks.

  3. Dane

    Most of us ST customers seeking an Android phone would be MUCH better off just buying an AT&T or T-Mobile Android from ebay or craigslist and using the BYOP SIMs that they sell. Same Straight Talk service, and your choice of phone, usually at a cheaper price than this. Just bought an AT&T Samsung Infuse from ebay with an Otterbox case & extra battery for $275.. thats cheaper than this phone’s stand alone price.

    I got a better phone, with better network coverage, for a cheaper price.

  4. Barry

    I stupidly ordered the Optimus Black thinking it was the 2x. I realized it was 3g And even though I just ordered it it took about 2 hours to cancel or refund. I’m not really sure what will happen. But they said if it gets delevered I should refuse it. Nobody at Straight Talk seemed to know anything about the 2x. Either playing dumb or are really ignorant of their company products. Of course bless their heart I can barely understand their english. Yeah I currently have a AT&T samnsung flight (which sucks) and am using the straight talk sim. But I can’t program it. No way that I know to reenter the APN data to get the internet or send pics. Really sucks.

  5. Helen

    Thanks Humberto I am sure you are right. I now have a Samsung T528G from Straight Talk which runs on the AT&T Network and I get excellent service (all five bars). I get no service bars with Sprint. I would like a really good phone from AT&T but I am afraid to buy a used phone from Craigs List. Where can I get a new HTC Insire and not have to pay $400 or $500?

  6. Walter

    I have been waiting for the ST 2x for months now, latest email says it’s “still pending” but, after reading this I’m not sure I believe them, but those who have reserved a 2x have not been sent info on the alternative “black” or “Q” either. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll stay away from the “black” due to it being a Sprint network phone. However, ST did say you can return the “black” within 30 days if you don’t like it. I really want the 2x though. So before I spend that kind of $$$$ on ebay, I’d like to know how everything has worked out for those (Helen?) who bought unlocked phones and got a ST sim.

  7. Walter

    oops, that was “Angie” who bought the 2x on ebay, Duh!!! sorry.

  8. Alexis

    I would most definately order the LG Optimus Black, but I see no use in ordering any type of smart phone from Straight Talk becasue they all run under Sprint’s tower and Sprint’s signal isn’t avaliable barely anywhere in the south. I reccomend that either AT&T or Verizon Wireless agree to adopt a smart phone within the Straight Talk service. I promise you that’ would bring many more buyers to the shelves and online.

  9. Roxanne

    Would I be able to use an unlocked LG Optimus Black on the Straight Talk network?

  10. Christopher Price

    You probably can with an AT&T or T-Mobile compatible Straight Talk GSM SIM card. You would not be able to use it with Straight Talk Sprint or Verizon service.

    The key is to check which 3G bands your Optimus Black supports. If it supports WCDMA 850/1900, use an AT&T-compatible Straight Talk SIM. If it supports WCDMA 1700/2100, use a T-Mobile-compatible Straight Talk SIM.

    You can order these SIMs from Straight Talk’s web site. Keep in mind though that many international, unlocked phones may not support either 3G band, and you might get stuck at 2G speeds as a result, so be sure to match up the above before buying the phone.

  11. Jennifer

    I purchase the straighttalk optimus black after I entered my zip code to find out from one service rep that it is android powered by sprint.. I called again and a different rep said that it is powered by verizon wireless.. I am soo aggravated I can’t seem to get a straight answer from straighttalk!! I have emailed them and go figure no reply.. I have tried now twice toget it activated.. however I have no bars.. I have 3 bars with my old straighttalk phone..

  12. Mary white

    My fiance bought straight talk optimus black for my Chrstmas. I loved the phone and all the features but when I started going places found I had no signal and it was always searching for signal I am so disgusted that for this amount of money I can’t use it on the road. Does anyone know if I can switch carrier from sprint to Verizon?