Straight Talk Releases Verizon-Powered Samsung Galaxy S III In Select Markets

ST Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III

After months of rumors, Straight Talk has officially released another version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, this one powered by Verizon’s network. Unlike the Sprint version already available, this one does not feature LTE support, though this phone was at one point rumored to be the first phone with official support for Verizon LTE access, which would have made Straight Talk the first MVNO with such access.

The phone is otherwise identical in specification to the Sprint version and is also selling for the same price, at $399.99. However, the phone is currently being limited to Verizon-only coverage areas and is currently unavailable in markets with support for multiple carriers and no word on when sales will be expanded. However, when using specific zipcodes for online ordering, one can order the phone without issue and activate as normal after purchase.

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  1. Gary

    yeah be nice to have one !! but you can’t buy them online or Walmart !!