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33 responses to “StraightTalk Adds New $60 Unlimited International Calling Plan”

  1. M Osbourne

    I don’t often have a need for making international calls, but having become an interested follower of Tracfone’s ST, with their continuous changes and additions, I am curious to know how the extra $15 unlimited calling, compares with international rates offered from other prepaid carriers…is this something that is competitive to others’ rates per call? Sounds impressive, but risky considering some people’s extensive calling habits!

  2. Mrs Marshall

    @M Osbourne Don’t know what other providers are offering, but my SVC (the senior offering also from Tracfone) allows me to make international calls at the same rate as local calls (and this call rate is dependent on how big a minute card you buy) So i suspect ST is potentially the cheaper per minute option if you have the need for all the other unlimited stuff, but for me who only calls occasionally, I would never use $60 in a month, thus leaving me in the position where my $10-$15/month expenditure is by far cheaper.

  3. Rob Robinson

    Before I purchased the Straight Talk Unlimited International plan for $60.00 a month, I called their customer service department, and after 15 plus minutes, the representative confirmed that I could call the Philippines as a part of the plan I purchased. I spent the $300.00 plus for the phone and card and took the phone home to make my first call to the family in the Philippines. I received a call that this phone is NOT authorized to call this country. I went to the Straight Talk web site to confirm this and entered the number, again I was told that this Philippine number could not be called from this new Straight Talk phone. I am leaving on a trip tomorrow and I am now stuck with a useless phone that I purchased based on the information given to me by a straight talk representative at their call center. There is no published list of countries. The false and misleading advertising states that the International plan is good at over 1,000 international locations. This is a lie. In fact it is only a couple of countries. The one thousand locations that sound like countries, are actually individual cities in these very limited countries such as Mexico and India. Walmart and Straight Talk are clearly in violation of several laws. I intend to pursue a class action law suit as their are surely thousands of others who have been deceived by Walmart.

  4. Rodney Bales

    I bought the new international calling card from Walmart and I have used Straight Talk for a few years and I am pleased with the regular unlimited service card for for $45.00 but i tried the $60.00 because I have a son who lives in Belize with his wife and son. When I tried the International number my phone keeps repeating for me to dial the international number, I tried it several times and so it looks like it won’t work for Belize. I know my phone is working properly because I can call anywhere else but please advise by email or call me at 706-231-3814 or you can contact me at 270-576-6186 or send me a text to either one of these phone numbers. Looking forward to someone to help me or advise me in this urgent matter. Thanks. Rodney bales



  6. JM

    I’ve been doing research on Straighttalk and it seems like a straight-up scam. They know that the people who will want to purchase these international plans will most likely be either recent immigrants or non-citizens, both groups that have very few rights to sue under US law.

    You’re much better off with skype or one of the hardwired pc devices.

  7. Juan

    One of my friends purchased a straight talk phone with the $60 plan and told me that after 3 days of calling to Mexico, Straight Talk discontinued his ability to make international calls. He call Customer service and was told he was abusing the system.
    He admits that he talks on the phone for hours as he has family in Mexico.
    I use instead and it really works for me.
    I really recomend it.

  8. Michelle

    I dont think the Straight Talk unlimited international is really a good deal, dont get me wrong, I have Straight Talk and LOVE the $45 unlimited plan, BUT you have got to have that plan as well as the unlimited international calling plan, SO your actually talking $105 a month not 60, I get a Prepaid $10 rechargeable phone card to call my parents back in England and that normally lasts me a good few months, Plus I also have Skype which Skype to Skype is free Please do research before buying this card, I did and I found it really wasnt worth it….

  9. linda

    This phone does not go thru my country Malawi in Africa and no internet phone number 5048646266

  10. linda

    Pliz explain I dont understand which you mean english is not my first langaege .

  11. Ana

    That is not true. $105 where do you get your info. You buy the $60 card and that gives you Unlimited nationwide with text and internet and international calling for $60. You dont have to buy both cards. so it is basically $45(Regular unlimted plan cost) + 15(International dialing)

  12. Lerby G.

    Can someone tell me which unlimited plan works for my lovely country Haiti.Please help.Everywhere I check I don’t see anybody come with an unlimited plan for Haiti

  13. Beth

    I’m planning a trip out of the US to a country listed on Straight Talks access list. I know I can make calls from inside the US to other countries, but can I use this service to call back into the US while I’m traveling? Has anyone tried it? I can’t find an answer to this question on the ST site. If you know a good prepaid service that works in Central America, please let me know.

  14. Jan

    Can the international service card be used to call home while traveling in England? Also, I was wanting to use to contact phones in England. Please let me know if this is possible or if I need to purchase a phone in England in order to make calls.

  15. gene san nicolas

    I don’t know why they didn’t include Guam when it’s a United States territorial?

  16. barbara

    you cannot use the phone outside of the US. I have had the international plan for five months now ($60 per month). Use to call the UK. Most of the time no problems connecting. Just wish I could figure out how to dial the international number and the uk number without it being a two fold process. That really is my only complaint.

  17. tyrrany

    if i buy a straight talk phone with the unlimited ILD card, will i be able to call jamaica??? i really need answers

  18. melissa

    SCAM-I bought the $60 unlimited international card for my husband so he could call to mexico. The straight talk web site said the number he calls was a destination included in this plan. When we could not get through and after 2 days of being on the phone with straight talk and many excuses later they said that the number was not a destination even when thier site says that it is. Hope no one else loses money on this.

  19. robin nelson

    i need to make calls to nigeria,and london it seems impossible,and yet the cards are non-refundable,after they tell you you can call these locations,so its basically useless and a waste of hard earned money in todays economy,someone needs to help us,please!!!!!

  20. ursula butler

    straight talk is a scam dint waste your money it is a lie there said on the 60 dollar card i could call germany well thats not true at all called straight talk several times there have all kind odd excuses but i never got to call germany it its not on there plan before i bought the card i ask there told me o yes it is its all a scam buy the cheaper card and dial 1010987 you get cheap rates with them
    sham on you straight talk riping poeple of like that

  21. Luis lopez

    I had a plan of 45dollars but I got the 60plans because they said I can call to Guatemala but you cant it all lies it’s not unlimited international like then say……..


  22. Denise Smith

    I just purchased a $60 international card. I was told it would call United Kingdom. This is bull. I just wasted my money and cannot call my Daughter!!! I cannot get my money back so I can use some other service since I can’t afford it now because I got the Straight Talk International Calling Card!!! Thanks Straight Talk for lying to us so we spend our money on a bogus scam. I am seriously considering getting rid of your service. Ya have been good to me until ya came up with this FARCE OF A LIE CARD for International Calling!!!! Thanks for NOTHING!!!!


  23. Lorrie

    I seen your T.V. add, and decided to buy your $60.00 international unlimited phone card. Well after 2 weeks of TRYING to call my husband in Africa, I found Straighttalk is a serious scam when it comes to this $60.00 card. Straight talk has DECIEVED all of us with their bogus scam…….. What a waiste of hard earned money…… The $45.00 card works great, am wondering, What’s the next Scam/and or Lie straight talk comes up with??????????

  24. nono

    your need to stop stealing from people straight talk, with your so call international 60 dallors plain. the government needs to do something about this

  25. Jerry Franks

    I can not reach Nigeria Africa with my straight talk unlimited Internattional 60$

  26. kim thiebault

    i have straight talk phone i know you can text the philippines with it refering to the one with love ones in the philippines. if you cant use your phone international with there plan it is really cheaper to use calling card its good till you use up the minutes with the 60 dollar monthly you have to pay that every month. the ones that bought these phones without checking first to see if you could call to your country dont blame walmart or the phone company for not checking first

  27. gautam patel

    i m using st talk international card of 60 dollars.i used oly in india @canada. some mobile no at india dosent connected and says “we have to hangup now” my no 3098252670. kindly do need full otherwise i will disconnect /leave your service and connected other services.

  28. eloise

    Will the international plan work on a ship to Mexico

  29. eloise

    will the $60 plan work on a ship going to Cozumel, Mex.

  30. aggitated

    I bought 60$ international plan…is bogus..united kingdom is offered as an area to calk..but us not true..can not call at all…very aggitated over this..wasted money..

  31. Tina

    Don’t waste your money in the straight talk $60 unlimited international card. It does not work and they will not refund your money.

  32. Bella

    You HAVE to make sure that the country is included in plan.
    I have to buy $10 GLOBAL CARDS to call Iraq. It is not included in approved list under $60 plan

  33. Monique

    I just purchased one of your Straight Talk phones. I was going to go with your International 60 dollar plan, but I don’t see Egypt allowed in the calling destinations, which is making me think twice if I want to keep this phone, as my fiance is living there at the moment till he comes here. Calling on Skype to a cell phone gets expensive quick. Will you be adding other countries, or Arabic countries are not allowed?