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3 responses to “StraightTalk Launches BlackBerry Curve 9310 Through Verizon Agreement”

  1. Mike

    This is the last phone I would purchase from Straight Talk. They can’t even keep feature and smartphone plans working and the iPhone rollout seems to have myriad of problem. ST advertises unlimited data but that’s actually in wi-fi only. ST can throttle or terminate service for any amount of streaming and a host of other violations. So, as with anything, you get what you pay for.

  2. John Bryant

    I agree with Mike. I won’t spend another penny with Straight Talk. I had nothing but problems with them including getting the phone activated, the service itself, customer service, and the word “unlimited.” It is not unlimited and what they won’t tell you is if you do stream a lot or actually use the apps on the phones you buy from them, they will shut your data off with no warning. That makes no sense. Their service is a scam and the savings are not worth it.

  3. mike ryszykow

    I went out and bought this phone,and its a fantastic device. Its provisioned for Verizon through Straight talk. Its very smooth,and fast. The 800 MHz CPU is quick. Blackberry 7.1 is very good. One draw back is lack of apps. This device is a texting/messaging beast of a tiny titan. Built solidly,like Blackberrys are. If your sick of the same old, then try the 9310 out. One more note, the battery’s huge for this phone. It lasts forever. I’m getting 2 days between charges…Its the identical device Verizon put out.