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6 responses to “StraightTalk Targets PagePlus, Will Launch Verizon BYOD Service On Tuesday (Updated)”

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    […] appears that Straight Talk is set to launch another big initiative. According to, the carrier tomorrow will launch a bring-your-own device program for Verizon-branded devices. This […]

  2. Creighton

    Will short codes sms work because even the free ones don’t currently on straight talk?

  3. Ross_

    I read something about sprint.. It’s a little fuzzy to understand but.. Sprint being CDMA can the sprint iphone 4 and iPhone 4S be activated on straight talk?

  4. Jamie Duncan

    Currently the best bring your own phone option for Verizon customers is through Page Plus featuring unlimited plans starting at just $39.95 a month with no contract. Pageplus features nationwide coverage on the Verizon network all with bring your own phone options. Best of all Pageplus cellular customer care is handled inside the United States where as customer care for straight talk is non-existent. If you want great no frills unlimited no contract cell phone service, using your own cell phone then Page Plus Cellular is the way to go. You can activate Page Plus service online from anywhere in the us and start using the service right away.

  5. larry

    Will straight talk throttle you at 2gb? Pageplus gives you 5gb of 3 g speed!

  6. chrystal klumper

    How do I purchase a net work access code. I have a straight talk account I want swiched to my verizon phone asap.