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15 responses to “StraightTalk to Carry iPhone 5 Along with 4, Walmart to Offer Financing”

  1. MizzPriz

    YES! Finally, prepaid has the best of the best the IPhone 5 on AT&T. Why would anyone want to stay on a contract and pay over a $100 a month and not get unlimited anything. For $45 month I can get unlimited talk, text and data and an IPhone 5. Straight talk you rock. You definitely are #1.

  2. Mike

    Another website is claiming these are faked pictures and boxes. If you check the bar codes on each of the two items, they appear to be the same.

  3. Gendarme

    Note that the iPhone is “offered” with the $30 per month plan. ST does only offers the $45 per month plan with smartphones. The guy faking this misses several details to make it foolproof.

  4. cody

    Note that under the picture it says “dummy box”.

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  6. Tom

    Those barcodes are for the credit card promotion. With the use of a walmart credit card, the associate scans special financing barcode and then scans the phone. The actual phones will have different barcodes. This is very real. I can guarantee that.

  7. Walt

    It will be rolling out 1/10/13

  8. Regina Johnson

    When will u have the iPhone

  9. Credit Supervisor

    All WalMarts should be fully stocked this weekend.

  10. Palomina

    The financing agreement option recognizes the fact that most WalMart customers can’t afford to pay the sales price up front.

  11. Jesse

    What does this mean for all of us alreading using an AT&T iphone 4 or 4s on ST? will we still have to jailbreak or sim swap to get our mms and apn settings to work? I feel let down…So many of us already have BYOD only to have ST release their own Iphone device which im assuming you won;t have to use a jailbreak or sim swap for mms or apn settings..We who have BYOD are stuck out in the cold..

  12. Milteer

    Don’t worry. This device won’t be selling at WalMart this time NEXT year. It’s a hoax but a few details were missed.

  13. Mike

    I don’t see how anyone would say this is FAKE, GO TO your local wally world and you will see that this real,, I bought an i5 today and am setting up my new iTune’s as I write,if you don’t think this true well I guess you wont have new service with an Iphone also you can go to and you will see there ad which if you click on it will take you to walmart and there you will find that walmart is now an OFFICIAL CARRIER but i did notice that they had an ad for a 4S 16gig phone for ST which i didn’t think they would offer,I do wish that the i5 would have been offered on Verzion because there signal is better here in Tn.I found that out taking grandson to Bristol for his First nascar race and we had no signal in the hill’s

  14. MizzPriz

    Mike, the iPhone 5 that you purchase from Wal-Mart is CDMA and runs on the Verizon network. I asked Wal-Mart and verified through Straight Talk.