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7 responses to “Sun to Bring J2ME Java to Apple iPhone”

  1. Bommaraju Chaitanya

    It’s great to hear.
    Please inform me when this future will come with J2ME.
    Waiting for your positive response.

  2. Durgadas Shetty

    Hey can anyone please let me know whether J2ME support for iphone is already implemented , or if a brief idea on when it will be released will also be perfectly fine

  3. renish ladani

    yes j2me seems more standard then other mobile software developemnt plateforms. Most of the mobile OS supports its e.g. BlackBerry RIM OS. so if iphone takes initiatives , its great thing

  4. Arnnei

    From what I hear – it ain’t coming.
    The deal is off.

  5. Junaid

    It would really have been great if j2me support would have been implemented for iPhone. It’s sad if the deal has been called off. Is iPhone SDK still available for mac or do we have any version or equally good alternative for Windows platfrom as well?

  6. prabhakar

    i am also waiting this product , when will release please inform me..