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9 responses to “After Silence, T-Mobile Agrees to Update Optimus L9 to Jelly Bean”

  1. john dow

    Since the 22nd l have been trying to get this update and it never comes up, l try at night the daytime etc just doesn’t seem to ever be available.

  2. AKTMO

    Do a Google search of “force android ota”. It will tell you to clear and stop the Google Services Framework and then go check for update. This works for some people after 1 to many attempts. I tried numerous times with no luck and then by accident I figured out how to do it. What worked for me was doing everything but the last step. Clear and stop as instructed and go to the check for update screen but DO NOT tap on the check for update button. Just leave the phone like this. It will show the last check date of 12/31/1969 (because you cleared the cache). Mine started to update in a few minutes. I did the same for my wife’s phone and it took about 20 minutes before it started to download. By the way, leave wifi on before doing any of this so that it will start downloading automatically.

  3. Christopher Price

    I can confirm that the “trick” works. Force Stopping and Clearing Data on Google Services Framework in Apps Manager did trigger the update.

    I will note on my L9, I did press Check for Updates after it showed the date 12/31/1969. The update then immediately began downloading.

  4. Marky CUB

    Just got update, Did the wipe data and force stop and press update button, It took me around 8 -10 trys every min and it worked. Hope it works out for people having trouble!

  5. Carl

    I received the update and now my battery life is horrible. Cell standby and Phone idle using up the battery in about 7 hours without using anything else.

  6. Areano Sorine

    Got the update this morning and my phone keeps restarting, can’t connect to my cell service, the camera won’t start, and has frozen about 7 times now (not exaggerating), and lags constantly, what’s happening?

  7. Jorell Rutlesge

    This should be updated to let everyone know T-Mobile has paused the update due to issues with the update.

  8. Matt

    It’s important to note there are two sets of instructions above, “clear and stop” and “stop and clear”. As of this post I can confirm neither of these change the last check date to 12/31/1969 or in any way cause the update to begin. Further, any change carrier side such as complete removal of the update is unrelated as the last check date is local.

  9. Matt

    My above comment is incorrect. If the data is cleared serveral times instead of once and the user goes directly to the update button the phone will display the reset date of 12/31/1969.