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3 responses to “T-Mobile and LG Announce G2X, First 42Mbps Markets”

  1. jim

    And just what is the point of T-Mobile releasing ANYTHING now that they are being bought out by AT&T and will then have their whole 3G/4G spectrum repurposed for LTE, thereby rendering any current 3/4G T-Mobile device rendered obsolete long before it’s time?

    I might reactivate my T-Mobile setrvice just to be a part of this carnage, destruction and ressurection, but there is no way in hell I would upgrade my current phone to any T-Mo offering untill the dust settles and AT&T compliant handsets arrive.

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  3. Christopher Price

    Jim, T-Mobile is required to operate as a separate company until regulators approve the merger. They are legally required to continue competing with AT&T to the best of their ability… up to and until the merger is formally executed.