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4 responses to “T-Mobile Announces New $30 Monthly4G Prepaid Plan with Wal-Mart Placement”

  1. T-Mobile Announces New $30 Monthly4G Prepaid Plan with Wal-Mart Placement

    […] will be directly promoted in Wal-Mart locations, with the Monthly4G lineup including a USB modem. By Humberto Saabedra on October 3, 2011 on […]

  2. Delric Thomas

    Will the plan allow for the iPad 1 & 2?

  3. Christopher Price

    Presuming it works with unlocked devices, which T-Mobile supports, then yes it should work with 3G versions of iPad and iPad 2.

    Keep in mind though that both devices will only run on T-Mobile at EDGE speeds.

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