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2 responses to “T-Mobile Announces New Prepaid Plans”

  1. Matt

    I wonder how T-Mobile’s $60 prepaid plan compares to Simple Mobile’s $60 prepaid plan? Anyone want to do a run down?

  2. Christopher Price

    Really it boils down to throttling. T-Mobile’s new $60 plan is throttled from 2 GB onward.

    Simple Mobile runs on the same network, and there are widespread reports that they are throttled from the get go as well – but possibly at a higher speed.

    Also you have to keep in mind that Simple Mobile and others have a history of perma-banning high data users, T-Mobile is not likely to do that, even with a massive amount of throttled data (when you go over 2 GB).

    In the end, T-Mobile’s plan seems to be a bit of a safer bet, especially for high data users likely to catch the ire of Simple Mobile.