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3 responses to “T-Mobile Announces webConnect Rocket Modem and Network Upgrade Details”

  1. Jim

    These 3G modem/aircard data plans are absolutely putrid, and I mean ALL US carriers, not just T-Mobile. 200 Meg for $20-$40/mo (depending on carrier) which is barely enough to turn the thing on once a month to see if it works, or $60 for 5 Gig which is about 3 HD movie streams, is just unconscienable, especially when you can tether your phone on the cheap or free via thrid party apps of one kind or another (BT/USB tethers, wi-fi hotspot tethers or whatever).

    I’m well aware that all Carriers (yes, T-Mobile included) are actively seeking to segregate phone and tethering data streams in order to lock them into service feature upsells, and I don’t know if the FCC rulings in the Comcast throttling case will forever afford safe-harbor for 3rd oarty tethering apps which by their nature bypass these carrier-imposed restrictions via ndis connectons which have been virtually impossible to cripple up to this point, as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have all tried and failed to effectively do, given any hacker resolve to crack them.

    I would prefer the conviencence of embeeded broadband in my laptop but at these discriminatory prices, it’s a crime. Great for investor dividends and executive bonuses, but pure unadulterated, shameless hiway robbry for the consumer.

    I’m not advocating hacking here, but I am demanding fair value for dollar to the consumer for the services he pays for. So far, this has not been forthcoming from the Carriers, as their main concern is protection of allied business models, and acquiesing to investor performance pressure. Not good, and not sustainable, as the sucker consumer will wise up and vote with his wallet, if only by only the prioritazation a bad economy requires.

  2. JJ

    Good point Jim! I have a tp2 and I use that to tether once in a while. It makes no sense to pay $60 month for aircard when you only use it once in a while. As long as tethering is available I will never ever buy an aircard. I understand maybe charging a small up fee to tether but $60? The sad thing is, is that I use more data on my phone then when I tether. I have 3 streaming radio apps on my phone right now and I use them everyday for about 2-3 hrs.
    So all you cell phone companies out there… Here I go playing several more hrs on my phone, just for you.

  3. Duker

    To call this modem “rocket” does not fit the speeds you will see on the majority of T-mobile’s network