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4 responses to “T-Mobile Confirms Samsung Galaxy S as Samsung Vibrant”

  1. Sean

    T-mobile actually has the Samsung Vibrant on their sitye already. Just not in the normal phone listings. If you go to and in their search box type in vibrant it will bring back 1 result. That result is the Samsung Vibrant! It has a pic and on that pic it says coming soon! To the left, the category for the phone is an “x” not samsung. Its a little starnge. I even went to the mall yesterday ansd showed this to a tmobile sales rep at their booth and the guys jaw dropped! Like I said, if you want to check it out for yourself…go to and type in vibrant in the search box. 🙂

  2. Mark

    I wonder what the differences of this phone will be between different companies? I will prob be getting this phone for tmobile but I heard other companies will have two cameras for video conferencing and can be a wifi hotspot.

  3. 4.0

    I know that ATT will have this phone but it will not have a front facing camera on it. But I’ve heard that this phone in the UK does have a camera on the front.

  4. Lazaro

    I am want to put my samsung vibrant g2