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3 responses to “T-Mobile Creates Go Smart Brand to Challenge Boost, Virgin Mobile”

  1. Joe

    Chris, why do you think T-Mobile launched this when they already own Metro PCS? Doesn’t seem to make sense to launch a new option that directly competes with the prepaid carrier they just bought…and I’m just guessing here, but it seems like Metro PCS is by far the leader in prepaid wireless?

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    […] Topic of post: visitT-Mobile Creates Go Smart Brand to Challenge Boost, Virgin MobileWith AT&T well in the rear view mirror, T-Mobile is starting to realize how it can has to be a key differentiator. First came the return of unlimited-and-unthrottled data, now budget plans to compete with the likes of Sprint Prepaid Groups's Boost and …Read more on […]

  3. Omar

    I switched from Boost Mobile (HTC EVO DESIGN) to Gosmart (HTC AMAZE 4G).. and honestly, I’m so glad I made that choice because I was paying $55 for 4G.. but yet, I was seeing the Shrinkage so far away that my mind was like “$45 bucks, with high speed data, with 5GB?” my switch was just the best choice I ever made.. I don’t complain at all 🙂 im happy with go smart ..