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3 responses to “T-Mobile Details “Challenger Strategy”: UMTS Only Transition and LTE in 2013”

  1. Oklami

    Well if tracfone, and simple mobile offer the same service for cheaper, then why would you want to stay with T-mobile? For their glorious, and legendary service – maybe, if you could go back a year or two. Fact is: Tracfone alone adds half a mil subscribers a quarter (and then it’s a bad quarter), in all probability, the largest share of those users go to AT&T’s network. T-mobile could only do better by selling their network cheaper, and let someone else deal with the cs, and paperwork….I just wonder if their network could take the strain, even with the said investments.

  2. Mike

    TracFone’s 4G offering includes HSPA+ phones running on the Tmo network so they obviously are choosing Tmo for their 4G needs for a reason. Also, I have yet to hear of TracFone having LTE phones in the mix. It will happen though for sure. TracFone is too good of a service to fall that far behind. TracFone is opera wielding a double-edge sword, they have the benefit of operating across networks but are not in control of those networks. Their new “unlocked SIMs” allowing a device to operate on Tmo & ATT is a game changer though.

  3. Vesper

    @ Mike; like what Oklami says: “I just wonder if their network could take the strain, even with the said investments” – how long can it last….and in fact; sustain?