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3 responses to “T-Mobile Expands HSPA+ Availability”

  1. Veovis

    “T-Mobile has also confirmed that it plans to have 140 million people covered with its planned 42Mbps HSPA+ upgrade by the middle of the year in 25 markets.”

    What good is a 42Mbps network when usage is still limited to any amount? It just makes me use up such limit quicker.

  2. Manny

    Tmobile should realize that their network is comprised of more than metro areas. It is 2011 people. There should be no more Edge (2G Network)!!! That goes for AT&T as well. Tmobile should make their entire network HSPA+ and spread it out. That is the biggest problem Sprint and Tmobile has. Their networks have holes and is limited. If you are going to offer Nationwide Coverage, make sure it is as Nationwide as possible without roaming. This is so people can use the 3G and 4G networks of the carrier they actually pay. Im so excited over Sprint’s Network Vision. I hope this initiative improves their coverage and other carriers take note.

  3. DP

    EDGE? Hell, there are still quite a few areas of t-mobile’s notwork that still only have GPRS!!