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11 responses to “T-Mobile Expands Unlimited Calling for $49.99 Plan Trials, Carriers May Face Minute-less Future (Updated)”

  1. Chicago Girl

    I was able to get this plan this morning and i am in Chicago…

  2. mostlyharmless22

    Not a good deal for our family. We have four lines – two $9.99 add-on lines – add-on lines to the unlimited family plan are $39.99. I estimate this plan would increase our bill by about $50 unless I could talk them into discounting something else, like our unlimited family texting and the unlimited Blackberry we have on one; these currently cost us $39.98 a month.

  3. Verizon contracts require Internet fees for this phone - Page 8 -

    […] With Sprint offering the unlimited $49/mo and now T-Mobile trialing a similar offer, maybe some more downward price pressure on our Verizon plans. We can always hope. T-Mobile Expands Unlimited Calling for $49.99 Plan Trials, Carriers May Face Minute-less Future | Ph… […]

  4. CasinoKeno

    Sounds good to me before the mostlyharmless22’s comment, thanks

  5. Jeff

    Unlimited minutes is no good for me. My family uses very little minutes, but we suck down data like drinking from a fire hose.

  6. Benjamin

    Cheaper minutes are good when you have the ability to use it but unfortunately when you consider states such as MS, AL, FL, GA where T-Mobile for the most part refuses to work with AT&T you find yor self with major coverage gaps. If T-Mobile would work this out and allow roaming in these areas that would help a lot of us who do a lot of traveling. Their plans have always been generous and very giving but no matter how good they are it doesn’t make up for not being able to use your phones when you need to.

  7. Ahmed

    Unlimited is unlimited, why whould any one not go with it, T-mobile did it and i think that was a good move.

  8. SaltyDawg

    Man it would be awesome if AT&T followed suit and announced a similar offering. Even better, include unlimited data and messaging with it.

    So how much is it for unlimited data and messaging on this plan? Or what about a family plan? A family plan with 4 lines, all with unlimited data and unlimited messaging. What would that run?

  9. milkbone98

    Got it, 2 lines, UL text, UL Grandfathered net, $110.97. Not to mention GSM 1900 goodness 😉

  10. lily

    It turns out this is a trap. its only available for those who is out the 22 month contract. its not open for customers like myself who had tmobile only for 16 month. a tmobile rep told me to call back when my contract is over because there is nothing he can do for me until then but he wouild be welling to give me unlimited plan for $99.00. its just another way to get you to sign up for two more years since there customer service is so bad they have to give out deal to keep people from leaving tmobile.

  11. Lucy

    The unlimited plan could be offered to all who voluntarly would like to join the plan. T-Mobiel would make a greater investment with a greater return if allowing more customers to join, possibly, 1milion people per month.

    Think about it.