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53 responses to “T-Mobile G1 to Receive First OTA Update Thursday”

  1. rosie

    MAnN I loVE ThA G1, NeVer Had ThA SiidEKiiCk lX So I WoULDnt WaT 2 CoMmENt Bout, But AiM On DiS fOnE sUCcz ReAlLY BaD!!!!! LoL I HaVe A choIcE tO ChAnGe mAh FonE 2 aH Lx….. I tHiinK I’m dO iT!!!! PlEaZe GiVe mE Ur oPiNioN!!!!!

  2. Jsmooth601J

    I’m sick nd tir3d of aim on diss G1 it is really getting on my nerve so badly.I tryed nd tryed nd didn’t succeed but 1 of these days imma get it then sell it lolsz or lmafo0

  3. modelcookie

    Can u please tell me how I can down load aim on my g1