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17 responses to “T-Mobile HTC HD2 Pricing and Availability Confirmed”

  1. albert

    man 🙁
    i was hoping $300

  2. really

    You where hoping for $300, what are you an idiot?

  3. Jerk

    A Cheap idiot at that!!

  4. Jerome Cunningham

    I think hd 2 is a great phone, like nothing seen before.

  5. JJ

    I probably woudn’t sign a 2 year deal on this phone until we know for sure if it is windows 7 upgradeable. If it is not I would wait to get into a 2 year contract till windows 7 is released. $449 is a lot of money to pay and if you can subsidize it thats better.

  6. Nanfy

    Shame Shame on HTC and tmobile.

    Releasing a “flagship phone” with a dead end OS and no further developer support. You can bet this phone won’t get a single update either.

    Shame on HTC, they should release a full update to convert this phone to android. If the guys at XDA can get android running on a touch pro 2. HTC should take it upon themselves to make this an android phone as well.

    I hope HTC learns a lesson in their pocket books for being so greedy.

  7. Christian

    I second you on that Nathy. It’s sad that Tmobile decided to release this phone when no future updates to windows 7 is ever going to be available. This is in fact the best phone Tmobile is introducing but it will fail in the long run. Yes, the phone is amazing and having a screen of that magnitude is unbeatable but why bother purchasing a phone where new future updates and apps are dead. Some may buy into the hype and purchase it but I rather stay with my nexus one for now and wait for a better alternative. Xperia x10 with Tmobile 3g support is where I have my money waiting.

  8. KC

    There actually is one more update to Windows Mobile 6 scheduled. I think Nanfy is being a little hard on HTC. Who knows what the original intent was. They may have made this phone in hopes of a Win7 update. It certainly has the hardware for it. Microsoft is the blame if WinMo 7 doesn’t make it to the phone.
    BTW. It’s just a F-ing phone. You will want a different one in a year or two so calm down.

  9. Chris A.

    It isn’t upgradeable by Windows. This phone will do well regardless between now and November when Windows 7 comes out. Shortly thereafter there will be ROMs freely available online made by everyday users that you can download and install with your PCs. I think the HTC Sense OS will keep us all pleased until then. Blame Microsoft till then. Either way, Microsoft will continue to support 6.5 thereafter. Read up, there’s nothing to whine about. And there’s never been a phone that wasn’t outdated in a year. This phone is already 5 months old (in Europe), so do the math.

  10. Nanfy


    Look at the iphone 2G. It came out in 2007 and still gets UPDATED from APPLE. Hell, I still know people using the phone. Palm also will maintain the pre and pixi for YEARS to come. They have to, they are selling a platform.

    Pocket PC aka windows mobile is DEAD!!! NO developer in there right mind will spend any more time on it. Just because a new models comes out every year, doesn’t mean a customer is expected to upgrade every year. That’s what HTC WANTS you to do, but today, APPLE is kicking there buts and HTC, not MS is to blame. Remember the whole HTC and lack of proper 3d drivers!!! If they want to win, they have to stay committed to their products and customers, and not relay on XDA to fix their mess.

    There is a way out, and its for HTC to release an android conversion ROM. HTC just doesn’t want to do it because they don’t want to put the resources into fixing this amazing piece of hardware. They rather you buy a new phone instead in a year.


  11. Christopher Price

    Nanfy, HTC’s license agreement with Microsoft likely precludes them from offering Android conversion ROMs, or even assisting with the process of doing so.

    As HTC has said in public comments, they continue to court Microsoft as their lead partner over Android. Likely, they view Windows Phone 7 Series as a formidable offering and are willing to let the current device ecosystem issues suffer until then.

    Microsoft has said that the rigid requirements of WP7S will allow them to update devices in uniform nature, much more similar to Android, and possibly as uniform as iPhone OS & webOS.

  12. NS

    I have a question/comment. Can anyone confirm whether the US version will have FM radio or not? The T-Mobile page here has no mention of it ( and the page here ( specifically says it will not have FM radio. Bummer for me if that’s correct.

  13. frankie

    What ever happen to buying a phone for what it is…I love upgrades and android and apple and all these upgradeable platforms that exist but seriously nothing is ever promised to u in writting and everything gets outdated like in weeks now…just buy the phone for what it is…I average like 2 different phones a year…and honestly I sell my phones on craiglist with enough money to cover the etf and enough to buy a new phone……so its honestly not hard…I am praying for an android port to this phone infact I read there’s a bounty for it so I’m sure this phone will do fine and will have a great resale value in my eyes….so that’s why I buy my phone for now and not months from now….if that was the case I would wait for a the iphone 6 with slide out querty and. Transforms into a flying ferrari.

  14. Christian

    Yes,the phone is promising and yes you do prove a point Frankie. I also upgrade my phones 2 or 3 times a year but moving from OS platform to others Is not ideal. Many of us do buy applications for specific platforms and wish to continue keeping them with there next hardware purchase. I currently use android and the only promising phone I see in the horizon is the HTC supersonic for sprint. It has pretty much the same configuration as the HTC hd2 with the difference being that it will run android. I’m Willing to move to sprint network for this great piece of hardware and continue using the apps that I have purchased so far. I recommend this who are looking for a true upgrade to sit back and wait. Windows 6.5 is dead.

  15. fer5546

    U guys are some bunch of bitches man serious the phone. Is aswome how it comes and everythong u guys just need to complain about anythimg if the white u want it black if its black u wanted white just shut up buy it or don’t buy it but one thing dough htc hd2 kills the competition for me.

  16. lp

    Fer whatever your name is learn how to spell before firing back at these people over a phone. .. . .

  17. Chacidy

    Your answer lifts the intelinlgece of the debate.