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5 responses to “T-Mobile Kills Overage Charges on 5GB WebConnect Plan”

  1. SaltyDawg

    Wow, $40 is not a bad price for a datacard with HSPA+ data.

  2. Christopher Price

    Perhaps, but Sprint Relay Data Only is $30/month, and works officially with 5GB Phone As Modem on Windows Mobile and feature phones.

    I’d rather plug a feature phone into a Cradlepoint and save my $10/month and use EV-DO instead. Still, if somehow T-Mobile has better HSPA coverage than you can find on Sprint, then it becomes a better deal.

  3. F1

    Assessing HSPA+ vs G4, what do you gentlemen think?

    Thank you

  4. SaltyDawg

    HSPA+ has been faster so far. It has a theoretical max of 21 megs, versus the 10 meg theoretical max of Sprints 4G.

    There was a pretty good test and comparison of both services done by PC Mag, see the results here:,2817,2359139,00.asp

  5. F1

    @ SaltyDawg

    Much appreciated !