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6 responses to “T-Mobile Launches 3G Service in Columbus, GA”

  1. Yankees368

    Don’t forget about Lansing, MI!

  2. Jim

    Also Wichita, KS, this past Monday AM. What a delightful surprise when I woke up that morning, as just the day before a T-Mo rep at the mall told me it was about a month and a half out.

    Hooked my Dash 3G to my laptop and ran a speed test, got about 800 Mbps down, 400 Mbps up, latency 195 ms (distance dependent). Not earth-shattering, as I have read others in the Chicago claim speeds in the 1100/600 Mbps range, but still comparable to other carriers’ 3G service in this area.

  3. Adam

    Umm yeah…there is no way in HELL you got 800 “MBPS” that means megabits per second on a 3g network. That would be 5G speeds TARD!!! try 800Kbps. Think about it.

  4. Adam

    Not even Cable Internet is capable of 800 Mbps speeds yet!!!

  5. Adam

    And F Columbus Ga…lil podunk town. Why not Augusta Ga…7 times the size of Columbus

  6. Angel

    I live in augusta, ga and I got 3G.