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One response to “T-Mobile Launches BlackBerry Curve 8900”

  1. Jennifer

    Just ported from Sprint to T-Mobile for this. I’ve recently realized that I don’t need all that bloatware junk (TV, OTA Music Downloads) and just wanted a cool clean BlackBerry that works well.

    I am very impressed so far with T-Mobile’s call quality and ease of use features on this model. The WiFi calling is probably my favorite feature.

    Great looking device I must add that performs as well as a smartphone should with the added benefit of a beefy processor, great cammy, more internal memory, support for 16 MB’s of expandable memory.

    To be honest, I don’t miss 3G at all. I know it’s great for tethering and uploading/downloading huge apps, but I have no need for it on my phone. If I seriously need to download a huge file, I’m most likely not going to do it while driving about; instead I’ll probably be in my office or home where WiFi is available. No big deal really.